Memoirs of Sgt Fred Whittaker – Hurricane Pilot

Memoir of Fred Whittaker of 30 Sqdn

Fred Whittaker took part in 30 Sqdn’s battle with the Japanese in Ceylon in April ’42. He wrote a short memoir of his wartime activities.  The following is a transcription of notes Fred Whittaker made of his RAF career, clearly to give a talk (possibly to the Businessmen`s Club in Irvine, of which he was a member). They have been, to a very slight degree, edited and tidied up, because the originals were in some cases rough drafts, and the same material which appeared in different forms has here been amalgamated.

Editorial comments are in italics. From the point marked with a line of asterisks the memoirs are unedited, apart from the correction of obvious slips of the pen, changes to punctuation and the insertion of a paragraph from the end of the notes, clearly marked “Intro”, into its proper place. Continue reading

Blood, Sweat and Courage : 41 Squadron RAF 1939-1942

Blood Sweat and CourageBlood, Sweat and Courage :  41 Squadron RAF 1939-1942  by  Steve Brew
Published by :  Fonthill Media (  )
ISBN 978-1-78155-296-4
Published 14 December 2014
Pages 960 with over 400 B&W Illustrations
Hardcover with Dust Jacket
GBP£35.00 / USD$50.00 / AUD$75.00


41(R) Squadron is one of the oldest Royal Air Force squadrons still in existence; it will celebrate its Centenary in 2016. The unit has seen service from World War I, through Policing Duties in Aden in the 1930s, throughout World War II, and more recently in the First Gulf War and Yugoslavia. However, its History has barely been told. Continue reading

A Vengeance crash at Begumpet, Hyderabad, India, 72 years ago.

vultee_vengeance_i_an889Almost exactly to the day, 72 years ago,  two Australians lost their lives taking off from Begumpet Airfield in Hyderabad, India.   The accident happened when Vengeance AN944, an aircraft newly built and inducted into service by No.82 Squadron RAF, was in the process of taking off from Begumpet for the flight to Madras.  At the controls were Flying Officer Edward Loughrey REIS with Sgt MARKLEW  as his gunner. Continue reading

An R&SU in Palestine – Paul King’s collection

Paul King’s father, Irving Isaac Kremler was stationed all over Israel and Egypt during WW2 and he kept a war photo album. He died in 2000 and left behind the  photo album to Paul.  Kremler was with 108 squadron in 1942 as shown by a Chrismas Dinner Menu in the album. Rest of the photographs clearly show an association with a Repair and Salvage Unit in the middle east – especially Palestine.

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