Did you buy this Spitfire Photo on Ebay? – Your help is needed


An Appeal from Spitfire Historian – Peter Arnold

This is about Seafire 46 LA564 – Urgent help needed please to locate an eBay purchaser.

For nearly 50 years I have searched in vain for a photograph of my old Seafire 46 project LA564.

In mid-December 2019 eBay seller ‘Roserent’ posted three images of a ‘Spitifire with Counter rotating propellers’. I was the successful bidder on the front quarter image. With a tail hook this was clearly a Seafire 46.

Boscombe Down Historian Tony Dyer quickly confirmed the images were taken at Boscombe Down by virtue of the Hangars and the elevated Control Tower. Of the 24 Seafire 46’s built just two candidates were tested at Boscombe LA564 and LA552.

Period images of LA541 also at Boscombe could be eliminated by pictorial comparison. I do believe that the side view with members of ‘C’ Squadron holds the key to the identity. Although the eBay image is of low resolution and heavily watermarked there is just the hint that the last digit of serial is visible between two of the airman.

Sadly the seller has returned my polite SAE mail that I requested be sent to the purchaser of the side view together with my not insubstantial banknote. So very disappointing. So if you purchased the side view please do make contact…and thank you. 

Editors Note: Please contact Peter Arnold via the link above – or drop us an email and we will forward it to Peter.

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