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No.117 Sqn

No.117 Sqn
Author: Ross_McNeill
Time Stamp:
07:45:09 26 June 2001
Please reply to:


RAF 117 squadron

Mon Jun 25 16:22:24 2001

if you have any information about RAF 117 squadron could you please e-mail me at the above address.

many thanx


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RE: No.117 Sqn
Author: Ross_McNeill
Time Stamp:
19:13:26 26 June 2001
The unit was reformed at Khartoum on 30/04/41

Equipped with Bombay, Wellesley, Proctor, Gladiator, SM 79K and DC2.

Moved to Bilbeis on 03/11/41 with DH86, Hudson VI, Lodestar, DC3 and Hudson IV.

03/11/42 Amiriya

19/11/42 El Adem

09/01/43 Marble Arch

06/03/43 Castel Benito

13/04/43 Gabes

23/04/43 El Djem

23/05/43 Castel Benito

03/09/43 Catania

02/10/43 Bari

01/11/43 Mauripur

06/11/43 Dhamial

19/01/44 Lalmai

14/03/44 Sylhet

25/06/44 Agartala

01/11/44 Risalpur

26/11/44 Bikram

10/12/44 Hathazari

15/04/45 Kyaukpyu

16/06/45 Patenga

19/08/45 Hmawbi

Disbanded 17/12/45