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G.A.C Duhig

G.A.C Duhig
Author: Ross_McNeill
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14:52:34 01 July 2001
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Tony Walmsley


G.A.C Duhig

Sat Jun 30 22:57:07 2001

I need to find G.A.C. Duhig DFM. My sister has two books that belong to him along with his flying record and we would like to return them.

He lent the above items to Paul Beard at RAF Akrotiri who never returned them, but now that we have found them we think that GAC Duhig (or his family) would like them back.

We think GAC Duhig was either pilot or aircrew in a Halifax Bomber during WW2. Any help is greatly appreciated,

Please email me if you can help.


Duplicate message from old board, Ross