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Sugar Dogs

Sugar Dogs
Author: Ross_McNeill
Time Stamp:
14:55:44 01 July 2001
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Tom Docherty


'Sugar Dogs'

Sun Jul 1 12:52:44 2001

Does anyone know what type of vessel used by the Japanese in Burmese coastal waters was code named a 'Sugar Dog' and do you have any knowledge of air attacks on them by Sunderlands?

Duplicate message from old board, Ross

RE: Sugar Dogs
Author: Bert Kossen (Guest)
Time Stamp:
00:42:59 08 July 2001
Hi Tom,

These were small Japanese tankers. You can find the "Sugar Division" in the J.M.S.T. (Japanese Merchant Shipping Tonnage) code-book, which the Allies used in the Pacific during W.W.II:

Sugar Division (tankers-stacks aft)

- Sugar Two Stacks (17.000/19.000 BRT)

- Sugar Able (7.000/10.300 BRT)

- Sugar Baker (1.500/2.500 BRT)

- Sugar Charlie (500/1.000 BRT)

- Sugar Dog (< 500 BRT)

Hope this helps.

Best regards,


RE: Sugar Dogs
Author: TOMDOCHERTY (Guest)
Time Stamp:
19:19:28 08 July 2001
Thanks Bert!