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211 Sqdn 1. What's new 1 Jul 2. Dabaa vs Quotafia

211 Sqdn 1. What's new 1 Jul 2. Dabaa vs Quotafia
Author: Don Clark (Guest)
Time Stamp:
00:19:37 02 July 2001
211 Sqdn 1. What's new 1 Jul 2. Dabaa vs Quotafia

Mon Jul 2 01:03:20 2001

211 Site:

[][][] What's new 1 Jul [][][]

Middle East: Operations in Greece section started.

Other's stories:

Jim Fryatt's page extended with plentiful ME, Greece photos.

Len Abbs' narrative added: Letter 1, Greece.

[][][] Dabaa vs Quotafia [][][]

See Dabaa pic and caption at

From my Dads log & photos I'd assumed Quotafia was 211's DLG, close to El Dabaa (Daba, Dab'a, Dabah) as the HQ base, & that Dabaa/Quotafia as locns names were more or less interchangeable in common usage. 211 ORB refers to Quotafia, but not Dabaa. Questions, then:

Where was Quotafia LG? Was it far from the Dabaa camp? Where/how far was the Dabaa LG in relation to Dabaa Station?

See Dabaa pic and caption at

Any thoughts much appreciated.

Daba, Egypt
Author: Ross_McNeill
Time Stamp:
07:35:20 03 July 2001
Please reply to:

Chris Charland


Daba, Egypt

Tue Jul 3 03:34:34 2001

Hi Don

There were a number of Landing Grounds around Daba, Egypt.

LG 21 Qotafiyah III - 9 nautical miles southwest of Daba

LG 104 Qotafiyah II - 7.5 nautical miles northwest of Daba

LG 20 Qotafiyah I - on the northern fringes of LG 104

LG 105 El Daba - 2.5 nautical miles south-southeast of Daba


Duplicate message from old board, Ross