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Handley Page Hampden / 106 Squadron / ZN-F / AE 151

Handley Page Hampden / 106 Squadron / ZN-F / AE 151
Author: Ross_McNeill
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09:50:05 02 July 2001
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Nick Hartgroves

Handley Page Hampden / 106 Squadron / ZN-F / AE 151

Mon Jul 2 08:52:37 2001

My father, Reginald Stanley Hartgroves (now deceased), piloted Handley Page Hampdens (the flying suitcases), out of RAF Coningsby, Lincs, with 106 Squadron, during the early part of WW 2. He was shot down and made a crash landing in Schoonebeek, Holland and was taken prisoner-of-war for the duration.

It had always been my intention to build a large, radio-controlled scale model of his crate and let him take the stick one more time, before he passed away. Regretfully, with comparatively very little data or documentation available on this "forgotten" bomber, this remained just a pipe dream.

I do have various aircraft photographs and a copy of "The Hampden File". I have visited East Kirkby airfield, where the nose section of a Hampden is being restored. I have visited Hendon Museum, where a Hampden tail boom is busy rusting away. I even have a specially commissioned, one-off oil painting of my fatherís plane, with its nose shot away, just prior to its fateful crash. A young Dutch artist whom my father met at a Civic Reception in Schoonebeek, some nine or ten years ago, painted this.

With comparatively so little to guide me, a scale model project is very difficult. I would dearly like to have access to accurate, large scale drawings of this aircraft, that would enable me to build a Hampden, having a wing span of about six or seven feet.

I should welcome any information or suggestions you could provide.

Nick Hartgroves

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