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Earliest British Liberators with 10 cm ASV.

Earliest British Liberators with 10 cm ASV.
Author: Wynnum Graham (Guest)
Time Stamp:
12:15:58 12 July 2001
Q1 It seems there was a first, then later, a second British Lib II sent to the US (Radiation Lab at MIT) for fitment of US 10 cm ASV sets then being developed.

AL507 seems to have been one of them.

Which was the first, which was the second?

Which Lib II did the trials with submarines at Loch Neagh in March 1942?

What became of these two RAF Liberator II?

Q2 Next (confirmation needed) came some Lib III (possibly 7) fitted with DMS-1000, the early MIT Rad Lab experimental 10 cm ASV (as distinct from production line sets).

These planes went to 224 Sqn, probably FK225, 230, 242, 244; and FL906, FL910. (Also AL507).

Can anyone say what became of these planes?

TIA, Wynnum.