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BoB US Pilot P/O Hugh W Reilley 66 Sqdn

BoB US Pilot P/O Hugh W Reilley 66 Sqdn
Author: Ian Le Sueur (Guest)
Time Stamp:
22:05:19 12 July 2001
Looking for more information on HUGH WILLIAM REILLEY Pilot Officer 43043 66 Sqdn., RAF who died on Thursday, 17th October 1940. He was from London Ontario Canada though born in Detroit, Michigan U.S.A. Father American Mother Scottish One of only three Americans who died in the Battle of Britain He was shot down in Spitfire 1 R6800 by Werner Molders of JG51 This Spitfire crashed and burned out at Crockham Hall, Sevenoaks. He is buried at Gravesend Cemetery, Kent

Especially interest in full details for Spitfire 1 R6800 for an American researcher.