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461 Squadron RAAF/ RAF Coastal Command

461 Squadron RAAF/ RAF Coastal Command
Author: David Abel (Guest)
Time Stamp:
02:11:59 13 July 2001

Can someone help me to find any information on squadron history, veterans associations etc for 461 squadron RAAF that served with the RAF Coastal Command in WWII?

My wife's father Clyde Noel Robertson formally of NSW Australia served with the squadron and remained in the UK after the war. Regrettably he died in 1963.

I would like to try and make contact with any of his surviving crew/squadron.

Any help/useful contacts would be much appreciated.

E-mails can be sent to david.j.abel.A


RE: 461 Squadron RAAF/ RAF Coastal Command
Author: Chris Charland (Guest)
Time Stamp:
21:34:29 13 July 2001
G'day Dave

I'm working on some squadron history for you. I'll send it to you at your home e-mail address.


RE: 461 Squadron RAAF/ RAF Coastal Command
Author: Allan Stark (Guest)
Time Stamp:
12:31:55 29 July 2001

Try the Squadron history by Norman Ashworth,

titled "The Anzac Squadron", published by Hesperian Press

in Western Australia in about 1995. Most, but not all, serving members are listed.

I very recently purchased a copy from Serendipity Books

(a search engine will locate them).

Allan Stark