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Obituary Sqdn/Ldr Dave Glaser DFC

Obituary Sqdn/Ldr Dave Glaser DFC
Author: Chris_Pointon
Time Stamp:
12:02:23 16 July 2001
Sqdn/Ldr Dave Glaser has died at the age of 80. He joined the RAF in April 1939 and arrived at 65 Sqdn Hornchurch in July 1940 at the start of the B of B. Joining 234 Sqdn he had a lucky escape when shot down off Plymouth by a RN warship and then continued operations from airfields within 11 Group. After instructing duties at 53 O.T.U he was posted in 1943 to Darwin Australia to command 549 Sqdn and later 548 Sqdn. Returning to the UK in 1947 he commanded 64 Sqdn at Linton on Ouse with its Hornets and in 1949 became a Test Pilot with ETPS Farnborough. In 1953 he joined Vickers at Hurn and test flew the Varsity and Viscount, but he will be best remembered for the exhaustive testing of the Valiant bomber. In 1963 he took the BAC111 through its paces taking great delight in low level flying over Hurn airfield. In 1979 he went to the Rombac Company in Roumania where the BAC111 was being built under license and retired in 1983. He was invited to join a roadshow of WW11 pilots which toured the USA under the billing 'A Gathering of Eagles'.

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