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Obituary Fl/Lt Les Colquhoun DFM DFC

Obituary Fl/Lt Les Colquhoun DFM DFC
Author: Chris_Pointon
Time Stamp:
02:10:04 21 July 2001
Fl/Lt Les Colquhoun has died aged 80. He enlisted as a Pilot in August 1940 and in the Autumn of 1941 was posted to 603(City of Edinburgh)Sqdn flying Spitfire sweeps over Northern France. He was detailed to fly a PR Sitfire to Cairo and stopping to refuel in Malta but stayed there for 9 months attached to 69 Sqdn. Flying in his unarmed pale blue aircraft he flew 154 sorties doing invaluable PR work over Italy at low level until relief aircraft arrived in May 1942. He was awarded a DFM and Commissioned returning to the UK for training on the Mosquito then joined 682 Sqdn in Algeria moving into Italy staying with them until October 1944. Awarded a DFC for flying 82 Ops in the PR role paving the way for the landings in the South of France.

After the war he became a Test Pilot for Vickers Supermarine flying the Attacker and Scimitar and was a pioneer in the development of the Hovercraft. In 1966 he became Mng Director of Hoverlloyd operating from Ramsgate to Calais then the Seaspeed jetfoil Service from Newhaven to Dieppe. He was a great supporter of the Spitfire Society and a former Chairman.

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