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Swordfish HS610 - 819 Sqn - 09May43

Swordfish HS610 - 819 Sqn - 09May43
Author: Henk Welting (Guest)
Time Stamp:
10:08:23 31 July 2001
819 Sqn (FAA) lost Swordfish HS610 on 09May43. Sub.Lt Ronald Edgar MARTIN killed and commemorated on the Lee-on-Solent Memorial. I was told that there were more casualties and names given were: Airman HESELTONE (Royal Navy) and Leading Airman PEARSON (Royal Navy). Not directly a question for this RAF board but don't know where else I can "knock on the door". No record of both airmen CWGC.

RE: Swordfish HS610 - 819 Sqn - 09May43
Author: Ross_McNeill
Time Stamp:
22:06:44 03 August 2001
Hi Henk,

The aircraft was Cat Z on 09/05/43 in sea landing from Archer, 819 Sqn.

S/Lt R E Martin

LAM Pearson

AM Heseltone

Were all killed in the crash.