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980/33/83 Squadrons and and Lanc W4928

980/33/83 Squadrons and and Lanc W4928
Author: pgarwood
Time Stamp:
01:07:51 04 August 2001
This is a great site!

I have been researching into Barrage Balloon Squadrons these were numbered 900-1000.

To date I have located 2 surviving members of 980 squadron and am at present writing a history of this particular squadron, using the ORB's and diary accounts together with a wealth of pictures taken at various stages in the activities of the squadron.

ANY information on Ballooon Squadrons would be welcome.

I am also researching into 33 squadron and a Lancaster I W4928 from 83 squadron which crashed over Essen 12/13th march 1943.

What I would love to know is that are there any easy ways of finding out about how the craft came down? Official records state that she "came down over the target area"- not too informative.. is there an archive in Germany that might record this?

I know this sounds a wierd mixture of research areas but so often I have reached a dead end and left one area to research another and found some clue to the first area!

Love to communicate with any kindred spirits out there!

Peter Garwood

RE: 980/33/83 Squadrons and and Lanc W4928
Author: John (Guest)
Time Stamp:
13:42:54 04 August 2001
A relative was in 955 Balloon Squadron from 1940-43 during this period the squadron was at Weston-super-Mare

RE: 980/33/83 Squadrons and and Lanc W4928
Author: pgarwood
Time Stamp:
20:34:39 04 August 2001
Hi John,

Interesting 955 is a new one to me but surprise is not uncommon in this hobby!

I would be very interested in any information you might be able to pass on to me about this particular unit.


Peter Garwood

RE: 980/33/83 Squadrons and and Lanc W4928
Author: john (Guest)
Time Stamp:
13:52:46 05 August 2001
I'm sorry I can't add very much about 955 Balloon Squadron except my relative who died whilst with this squadron he was a WW1 RFC Observer and his balloon section was positioned at Uphill just outside Weston-super-Mare.

This line of thought stirred some meemories in Cornelius Ryan's book "The Longest Day" mentions a #54 Beach Balloon Unit which landed on D-Day in the 2nd wave,posibly one of several RAF detachments that landed that day e.g. Airborne Car Contact Units that went in with the 6th Airborne and difficult to trace

Balloon Squadrons 3/9/39
Author: Ross_McNeill
Time Stamp:
21:09:57 04 August 2001
Hi Peter,

I was looking at these units for the update of RAF Commands Web Site. Their Order of Battle on the outbreak of war was:

Group Squad Base

30 901 Kidbrooke

30 902 Kidbrooke

30 903 Kidbrooke

30 904 Hook

30 905 Hook

30 906 Stanmore

30 907 Stanmore

30 908 Chigwell

30 909 Chigwell

30 910 Chigwell

31 911 Sutton Coldfield

31 912 Sutton Coldfield

31 913 Sutton Coldfield

31 914 Wythall

31 915 Wythall

31 916 Wythall

31 917 Wythall

31 918 Alvaston

31 919 Fazakerley

31 920 Fazakerley

31 921 Fazakerley

31 922 Warrington

31 923 Warrington

31 924 Manchester

31 925 Manchester

31 926 Manchester

32 929 Bristol

32 930 Titchfield

32 931 Titchfield

32 932 Titchfield

32 933 Titchfield

32 934 Collaton Cross

32 935 Cardiff

33 936 Long Benton

33 937 Long Benton

33 938 Long Benton

33 939 Sheffield

33 940 Sheffield

33 941 Sheffield

33 942 Sutton-on-Hull

33 943 Sutton-on-Hull

33 944 Sutton-on-Hull

33 945 Glasgow

32 945 Bristol

33 946 Glasgow

32 946 Bristol

33 947 Glasgow

32 947 Bristol

33 948 Rosyth



RE: Balloon Squadrons 3/9/39
Author: pgarwood
Time Stamp:
00:31:24 06 August 2001
Hi Ross,

Yes what seems to have happened is that some time in late 41 or early 42 someone decided that BBSqdns would be useful overseas and sent 980 to Rangoon. On the way this fell and the unit was sent to the Middle East and arrived at Abadan and guarded the refinery there. It seems to me that any BBS above 950 went overseas and was formed after the outbreak of war.There is a famous video of 992 BBS which is still a best seller.I am unable to find out how the 980sdqn came into being I hope that with the help of living history and other documents I can put together a reasonably accurate history.


RE: 980/33/83 Squadrons and and Lanc W4928
Author: Chris Charland (Guest)
Time Stamp:
23:32:05 04 August 2001
Hi Peter

Sometime in 1944(I suspect after D-Day), No.980 Balloon Squadron became part of the Tactical Air Force.