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Service Record Abbreviations and the PRO Catalogue

Service Record Abbreviations and the PRO Catalogue
Author: RodM (Guest)
Time Stamp:
10:41:09 06 August 2001
Dear one and all,

recently, I posted a request for the meaning of certain abbreviations on a service record,

One in particular proved to be a bit mystifying, is was:

"No 27 Wind ACC Ludlow".

Now the accepted meaning of the abreviation, "ACC" is Army Co-operation Command, but as Chris pointed out, this Command had no No. 27 Wing.

In an attempt to solve this, I turned to the Public Records Office online catalogue (PROCAT), .

Since I knew that the location of this camp was at Ludlow, I searched in the AIR files using the name of this location and refined the search between the years 1939-45.

Hey Presto! I find that the file AIR 29/603 is:

Air Crew Camp, RAF Ludlow, 1942 Apr. - 1943 Dec.

So the moral of this little tale is that if you are stuck, try searching the PRO catalogue as it may bring up the name of a file for the unit you are looking for. I have noticed too that many locations are given in the file reference.



RE: Service Record Abbreviations and the PRO Catalogue
Author: pgarwood
Time Stamp:
23:08:21 06 August 2001

This is very useful as I now know the unit nos of the various ballooon squadrons over 950. Very impressed great tip.

Thanks a million!

Peter Garwood