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Scottish enlisties

Scottish enlisties
Author: ukjoan
Time Stamp:
19:44:24 12 August 2001
If some one enlisted in Glasgow, Scotland before


how can I find out what unit of the military

they were in and where they were stationed?

RE: Scottish enlisties
Author: RodM
Time Stamp:
20:46:23 12 August 2001
Dear Joan,

if you could supply a service number and rank then someone may be able to offer more help.

Your best bet would be to obtain the person's military record of service documents (which have all the information you will probably need, a lot of the data is abbreviated but you can get help on this board to decipher these) and, presuming that this person was in the R.A.F. then they can be obtained from:

PMA (Sec) 1b (RAF)

Building 248A

R.A.F. Personnel Management Agency

R.A.F. Innsworth

Gloucester GL3 1EZ

Be warned that they have strict guidelines on the release of information -

1. A search request will cost 25 pounds

2. Information will only be released to the serviceman concerned or, if they are deceased, the immediate next-of-kin

3. Details of the person including their service number must be provided to the P.M.A. along with proof of permission to obtain the records from the serviceman themselves or immediate next-of-kin

If the person was in the navy or army then (I think) that their record of service documents can be obtained from Naval Manning Agency and the Army Personnel Centre respectively.

I hope that this helps


Rod M

RE: Scottish enlisties
Author: ukjoan
Time Stamp:
21:26:26 12 August 2001
Rod, thanks for your welcome advice. I don't have a service

number. I was told he was in the RAF. at Burtonwood in 1940 but no way to prove it.. I'm planning to do a more in depth

search on my next trip to the UK. I'm new to this and still trying to find out what to ask and where.


PS thanks for the Burtonwood site.