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149 Squadron crash Denmark 20th April 1943

149 Squadron crash Denmark 20th April 1943
Author: Nick Carter (Guest)
Time Stamp:
21:25:56 14 August 2001
Searching for Albert DOWIE and Geordie WINSTON. Nick Carter is trying to trace both Albert Dowie and Geordie Winston who were crewmembers of a Stirling ('L' London) belonging to 149 Squadron which crashed in Denmark on 20th April 1943. Albert worked in London but lived on the Isle of Wight. He was a printer (NATSOPA). Geordie was a journalist in Newcastle. Other crewmembers: Squadron Leader Tiny Howell (Skipper) - Chewy Parker (Navigator) - Kipper Herring (Engineer) - Nick Carter (Rear Gunner). If anybody has information concerning Albert or Geordie contact Paul Jacobs paul.A