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Mosquito collision 18/9/44

Mosquito collision 18/9/44
Author: wgadow
Time Stamp:
21:57:47 14 August 2001
Does anyone have information concerning the loss of two Mosquitos - HK194 of 307 Squadron and HK228 probably of the same unit - that collided in mid-air over Lincolnshire on 18th September 1944. As far as I know HK194 crashed at Stenigot, killing two, while HK228 force-landed and burnt out at Sturgate aerodrome. Any ideas as to the names of the crew of HK228 and their fate? Many thanks in advance for your help.



RE: Mosquito collision 18/9/44
Author: Hans Nauta (Guest)
Time Stamp:
22:39:21 14 August 2001
Hello again Wojtek!

According to the Mosquito crash log:

18.09.44 307 Sqdn HK228

Aircraft was in flight at 1200 ft when it was struck by Mosquito HK194 overtaking from below and behind. HK228 force landed and burnt out at Sturgate aearodrome, Lincolnshire, killing two.

Not very much extra info, only acknowledged that HK228 belonged to 307 Squadron.

Kind regards,

Hans Nauta