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Lancaster R5696 - 97 Squadron - RAF Woodhall Spa 1942

Lancaster R5696 - 97 Squadron - RAF Woodhall Spa 1942
Author: June Wayland (Guest)
Time Stamp:
22:23:02 15 August 2001

Please, is there anyone who knew or was related to any of the following aircrew who were flying over Danzig 11th July 1942 when they were shot down. 44 bombers went on this mission and most failed to return.

1007363 Sgt J Forsyth - Pilot; 36270 F/L C.W.Miller - 2nd Pilot; 1280705 Sgt. A.T.Grossmith - Observer (my relative); 106076 P/O J.M.Eslick - Wireless operator/Air gunner; J15812 P/O R/J/Westgate - Wireless operator/Air gunner; R64786 F/S A.E.Nickerson - Air gunner; 401251 Sgt. N.L.Smith - Wireless operator/Air gunner

I would like any information at all, especially to do with life at Woodhall Spa for this crew and especially if anyone knew Alan Grossmith (Observer) or has a photo of the crew etc. I haven't a single photo of Alan and would dearly like one.

Many thanks,

June Wayland. j.wayland.A

RE: Lancaster R5696 - 97 Squadron - RAF Woodhall Spa 1942
Author: RodM
Time Stamp:
01:32:50 16 August 2001
Dear June,

because the pilot of the aircraft was a New Zealander, details of the loss of this Lancaster appear in the book 'For Your Tomorrow' Vol. I, by Errol Martyn:

Sat 11/Sn 12 Jul 1942

Bomber Command

Raid on U-boat yards at Danzig, Poland (by 44 aircraft - 2 lost)

97 Squadron, RAF (Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire - 5 Group)

Lancaster R5696/H - took off at 1642 and shot down by flak near the target area. The seven crew are buried un a collective grave at Malbork, 12 SE of Danzig. Danzig was the most distant target yet attacked by the command and involved a round trip of 1500 miles.

Captain 36270 Flt Lt Charles William Miller DFC, RAF - Age 24, 1336 hrs. 20th Op.