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Crashed Spitfire, Mediteranean

Crashed Spitfire, Mediteranean
Author: johanherman
Time Stamp:
13:33:01 17 August 2001

Last week I bought a fotograph of a crashed Spitfire somewhere on a coast in the Mediteranean.

The nose and wings in the water and the rest on the shore.

The Spitfire seems to have no damage and it looks that the pilot just stepped out of his plane.

On the back in German: Abgeschossener Spitfire %FCber dem Mittelmeer. (Spitfire shot down over the Mediteranean Sea)

The markings are: "X" with the serialnumber BR 112.

Is there someone who can tell me where and when this plane crashed, perhaps who was the pilot and what was the squadron ?

A scan of the fotograph is available, please let me know.

Regards and thanks,

Joop Vroom



RE: Crashed Spitfire, Mediteranean
Author: Stein Meum (Guest)
Time Stamp:
20:04:48 17 August 2001
Morgan and Shacklady's book:"The Spitfire Story" yields this info:First Flown 13 March 1942.Went to 39 Maint. Unit on 15 March 1942,to RAF Abbotsinch 10 April 1942,ferry flight to Malta,

to 185 Sqn,Cat. B accident/damage on operations 06 May 1942,Cat. E accident/damage on 09 Sep 1942.Struck Off Charge 10 Sep 1942.

For pilot info,etc., I suggest you get in contact with the Public Records Office at Kew,London.They will get that info from the Squadron ORB,most likely.


RE: Crashed Spitfire, Mediteranean
Author: John (Guest)
Time Stamp:
10:01:53 19 August 2001
I have this info:

Pilot: Sgt Claude Weaver of 185 Sq.

"Forcelanded on Scoqlitti Beach, Sicily after shooting down an italian MC202 over Biscari. Pilot PoW but escaped and returned to service."


RE: Crashed Spitfire, Mediteranean
Author: Henk Welting (Guest)
Time Stamp:
15:04:09 19 August 2001
Claude WEAVER III - J/18784 - RCAF (from USA) - DFC - DFM & Bar, was shot down 28th Dec. 1944 near Amiens by a JG26 fighter. He lies buried at Mharicourt, Dept. Somme, France. Flying Spitfire MA642 - 403 Sqn.

Regards from the 'Achterhoek'