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RCAF Base Mont Joli

RCAF Base Mont Joli
Author: CZ_RAF
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10:22:50 11 October 2001
I am looking for any details or photos of RCAF Base Mont Joli

during WWII.



RE: RCAF Base Mont Joli
Author: Chris Charland (Guest)
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13:37:16 11 October 2001
Hi Pavel

Fist off, the Royal Canadian Air Force used the term Station versus Base up until 1967.

Mont-Joli, Quebec was originally established as a facility to support fighters and bombers which operated in the Gulf of St. Lawrence countering the German U-Boat threat. A number of RCAF Bomber Reconnaissance squadrons maintained detachments there on anti-submarine operations up until the 21st of May 1945. If you want the units, get in touch with me at my home e-mail address


Detachment 'A' of the United States Army Air Force's 1st Photographic Mapping Squadron, operated Lockheed A-29's for most of 1942 at Mont-Joli.

No.9 Bombing & Gunnery School was established at Mont-Joli on the 15th of December 1941. Prior to disbandment on the 14th of April 1945, No.9 B&G School operated the Fairey Battle, Westland Lysander, Avro Anson and Bristol Bolingbroke.

With the disbanding of No.9 B&G School, Mont-Joli was re-designated as RCAF Station Mont-Joli on the 15th of April 1945.

This designation only lasted until the 22nd of May 1945.

No.6 REMU (Reserve Equipment Maintenance Unit) was formed on the 23rd of May 1945 to look after the school's and other units aircraft. It was closed in 1946.

On the 15th of December 1945, Mont-Joli was turned over to the federal government's Department of Transport.

There a small number of photos available through the Public Archives of Canada that I am aware of.


Thanks Chris! More via e-mail.
Author: Pavel (Guest)
Time Stamp:
14:47:12 11 October 2001

RE: RCAF Base Mont Joli
Author: Henk Welting (Guest)
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18:10:20 12 October 2001
Hi Pavel,

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