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School of Maritime Reconnaissance ,1955

School of Maritime Reconnaissance ,1955
Author: CZ_RAF
Time Stamp:
18:47:28 Friday, December 28, 2001
School of Maritime Reconnaissance, 1955

I am looking for any details of this unit like type of service,

used planes, bases, commandig officers, etc. in the time around

mentioned year.

Any help appreciated.


RE: School of Maritime Reconnaissance ,1955
Author: Chris
Time Stamp:
02:48:57 Saturday, December 29, 2001
Hi Pavel

Coastal Command's School Of Maritime Reconnaissance (later renamed No.1 Maritime Reconnaissance School) was formed at R.A.F. Station St. Mawgan, Cornwall on the 1st of January, 1955. It belonged to No.19 Group. The school's role was to instruct students in all facets of air-sea warfare using the Avro Lancaster GR.Mk.3. The school added the Handley Page Hastings C.I. course, which had previously been taught at R.A.F. Station Dishforth, Yorkshire. By the way Pavel, the School's Lancasters were the last of the type flown operationally by the Royal Air Force.

Other aircraft used in support of the School Of Maritime Reconnaissance included the Airspeed Oxford Mk.I, Avro Ansons C.Mk.12 and C.Mk.19 as well as the De Havilland Chipmunk T.Mk.10.

The School's code was 'H' during both its days as the School Of Maritime Reconnaissance and No.1 Maritime Reconnaissance School.

No.1 Maritime Reconnaissance School (previously known as the School Of Maritime Reconnaissance) was disbanded on the 30th of September 1956. It and No.236 Operational Conversion Unit (disbanded roughly the same time) were used to form M.O.T.U. (Maritime Operational Training Unit) on the 1st of October 1956.