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What happened to this 102 Sqn crew ?

What happened to this 102 Sqn crew ?
Author: Rene Romainville (Guest)
Time Stamp:
07:45:50 Sunday, April 21, 2002

On the 22 June 1943, a Halifax JD206 DY-T of 102 Squdron ditched in the Northsea and were later pick up.

The crew was composed with : Sgt G.S. Honey (Pilot), Sgt G.A.Ward (Navigator), Sgt J. Brennan (W. Ops), Sgts F.R. Hayward & D.A. Wagner (AG'S), Sgt A.J. ##### (F/Eng), Sgt R.O. Tudberry (B/A).

At 0635 a flight of Mustangs reported sighting the crew.

One of the pilot was Flying Officer Noel P. Whaley (RNZAF) from 170 Sqn. In his log book stands the following notes :

170 Sqn, 22 June 1943, Mustang AL967, Ops Ijmuiden-Hoek :

" Sighted Bomber crew in dinghy, 23 miles off Hoek,

Took ASR action."

In order to complete the biography of Noel, any information concerning the Halifax crew or their relatives will be the most appreciated.

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RE: What happened to this 102 Sqn crew ?
Author: Ross_McNeill
Time Stamp:
09:08:09 Sunday, April 21, 2002

Sgt S G Honey,

Sgt A J #####,

Sgt R Ward,

Sgt R O Tudberry,

Sgt J Brennan,

Sgt F R Hayward,

Sgt D A Wagar


Target not attacked.

A/c hit by flak near Overflakkee on way to target.

Engine trouble developed leaving only starboard outer.

Pilot turned jettisoned and ditched up moon.

Crew took to dinghy.

Drogue put out to stop easterly drift.

Seen by Mustangs at 06:35 and later by Typhoons at 15:30.

At 19:00 saw 2 Walrus's 277 Squadron attracted attention by cartridge.

Honey and 2 others got in 1 and 4 others in the other Walrus first Walrus landed at Martlesham and the second taxied and transferred to MGB and put into Felixstowe.

All crew safe."


"Walrus X9526, X9563, 277 Sqn (Martlesham): Crew of 102 Sqn Halifax (JD206) ditched after a raid on Krefeld. Came down off Dutch coast. One Walrus took off but the other had to taxi back. Air battle was taking place overhead. 18:37-21:00. Second Walrus abandoned, it later beached itself."

(Source: Another Kind of Courage, N Franks, ISBN 1 85260 441 7)



RE: What happened to this 102 Sqn crew ?
Author: Ross_McNeill
Time Stamp:
09:10:06 Sunday, April 21, 2002
Oops, the banned word software is not allowing the name of the Flight Eng.

Dickson minus the son.


RE: What happened to this 102 Sqn crew ?
Author: René Romainville (Guest)
Time Stamp:
16:27:51 Sunday, April 21, 2002
Hello Ross,

thank you for your answer.

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