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Airfields on Rhodes

Airfields on Rhodes
Author: Scott (Guest)
Time Stamp:
23:17:54 28 May 2002
Hi guys I hope you can help.

Can anyone help with info on the following.

I think these are airfields on Rhodes and was wondering their position on a modern map.Or any other info on Rhodes.

All were part of the Aegean Air Command under this were the 39th Bomber wing and under this 56th and 92nd bomber group and 163rd independant fighter group

Their bases are listed as

56th bomb - Gadurra

92nd bomb and 163rd IFG - Maritza

In 2001 I visited Rhodes and stayed in Haraki which had an airfield with some rather interesting buildings including a control tower or more like a lookout post but it had a nice compass on the roof of the look out tower.Also to be seen a great big long runway ( now overgrown but still there)

Anyone help me with this as I am completely stuck with this one.Not much onthe web about Rhodes.

Also does any one know who owns the airfield at Cark in Cumbria as I plan to take a walk round there next year but need permission.

RE: Airfields on Rhodes
Author: Chris_Pointon
Time Stamp:
09:09:40 29 May 2002
Scott - as regards the airfield at Cark I would suggest you contact the RAF Millom Museum in Cumbria who would tell you who to contact.


RE: Airfields on Rhodes
Author: Scott (Guest)
Time Stamp:
23:05:20 29 May 2002
Thanks Chris much appreciated

regards Scott

Rhodes and the Regia Aeronautica
Author: Don Clark (Guest)
Time Stamp:
07:52:58 01 June 2002
Rhodes: lying about 100 miles NE of Cyprus and main Island of the Dodecanese off the coat of Turkey, in late 1943 Rhodes was the centre of abortive operations to dislodge the Germans & Italians from eg Cos, Leros, and Samos and Rhodes itself. One of the difficulties was that it was something like 300 miles to the nearest Allied airfields.

The strategic scene at the time saw the Allies with a toehold in Italy and contemplating the recovery of Greece, to which the Dodecanese campaign was seen as a necessary pre-cursor to protect the flank of an invasion.

There were four airfieldds on Rhodes: Marizza in the North (south of Rhodes town), Gadurra and nearby Calato on the eastern coast (near the river and otherwise referred to as Kalathos, near Lindhos, Leros), and Cattavia on southern tip of the Island. Despite bitter fighting and air operations during Oct and Nov 43, this 2nd Dodecanese campaign failed, and the Islands remained in Axis hands until 1945.

The Regia Aeronautica presence in 1940 was as follows:

Aegean Air Command (Rhodes)

161st Independent Fighter Squadron (Ro.44 - Leros) [a reference to Calato, possibly]

163rd Independent Fighter Squadron (CR.32 - Maritza)

39th Bomber Wing, with:

56th Bomber Squadron (SM.81 - Gadurra)

92nd Bomber Squadron (SM.81 - Maritza)

You might also want to check

Italian Wings/Theatres Balkan

Italy at war

Sources: Richards and Saunders, Herington, Long, Shores

Leros: slip
Author: Don (Guest)
Time Stamp:
07:56:52 01 June 2002
Leros is the Island NW and next beyond Kos & Kalimnos.

RE: Leros: slip
Author: Scott (Guest)
Time Stamp:
10:39:49 02 June 2002
Thanks for the info Don

Much appreiciated. I now know a lot more about Rhodes than I thought I would be able to find.

Regards Scott