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21 Squadron

21 Squadron
Author: Kevin (Guest)
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23:48:24 Wednesday, January 1, 2003
I have been having some difficulties trying to establish the crew of Blenheim Z9823 shot down by an Me 109 flown by Oblt Hans-Joachim Heinecke on the 11/02/41.

My main problem is who was the pilot. I have two different versions from two different books. Hope you can help.

Sgt J.H Stubbs (RAAF) or Flg Off D F W Parish - pilot

Sgt J.S Grabham - Observer

Sgt P. Tyas - W.OP/AG

TIA for you help. Would appreciate source of info.



RE: 21 Squadron
Author: Chris Charland (Guest)
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05:10:28 Saturday, February 1, 2003
Hi Kevin

The gen I have is that 105172 Pilot Officer David Francis Woodbine Parish R.A.F.V.R. was a member of No. 236 Squadron when he was killed in action on the 11th of February 1942. No. 236 Squadron were operating a mixed bag of Blenheim Mk. IVF's and Beaufighter Mk. IC's at the time it was reduced to a cadre (on the 9th of February 1942). The squadron's crews were transferred to the Middle East.

It would make sense that Parish be posted to No. 21 Squadron as they were equipped with the Bristol Blenheim Mk. IV at Luqa, Malta. He would be already familiar with the aircraft type. The question is when did he get posted to Malta. Two days between the time the squadron was reduced and the day that he was killed in action is not plausible, so he would had to have left sooner.

406374 Sergeant John Henry Stubbs R.A.A.F. was a member of No. 21 Squadron when killed in action on the 11th of February 1942.

1265240 Sergeant Peter Tyas R.A.F.V.R. was a member of No. 21 Squadron when killed in action on the 11th of February 1942.

976771 Sergeant Justyn Stuart Grabham R.A.F.V.R. was a member of No. 21 Squadron when killed in action on the 11th of February 1942.


RE: 21 Squadron
Author: sm (Guest)
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14:20:03 Saturday, February 1, 2003
Hi All

The pilot was Stubbs , but it may be possibly that P/O Parish, may have been also involved as a fourth member, I as of yet have not applied to the Air Historical Branch for any information, hoping that the information mite be found elsewhere, should any of you wish to apply and share the information I would be must grateful, as I am limited to only 2 per mouth, the ORB, for 21 Squadron do not go past January 42, or as far as I can see, however The information I have found, P.O Booth diary, published, which says 11th February ." Another sweep off Kirkenna islands nothing sighted Sgt Stubbs shot down off Malta,by109;s there is also some information in number 2 group Air file at kew, with contradicts the information in P/O Booth diary, as follows,Four Aircraft set out on shipping sweep Gulf of Gabes. two a.c attacked without sucess schooner 200 tons

remainder attacked second schooner 200 tons, scoring near miss, schooner machine gunned after attack, 1 a/c returning was shot down near Malta by M.E 109's search for survivors unsuccessful. I ME 109 Probably destroyed.

Also in P/O Booth diary he mentions 13th February three Blenheims from Gibraltar arrived to day the fourth shot Down by a 109, of the shore, Has any one got any more information on this, the other three ending up on the strength of 21 Squadron, Malta,

Kevin there may be some mention, in the (ARP fies)Air Raid Precaution,files which as far as I know the Malta Aviation Museum have copy's but then again I may be wrong. It just a thought anyway ?