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UFO sighting 20.October 1957.

UFO sighting 20.October 1957.
Author: john hanson(guest)
Time Stamp:
16:09:20 05 May 2003
Im trying to find the current whereabouts of Flying Officer D.W.Sweeney,from RAF North Luffenham,who was flying a meteor Jet aircraft on a training exercise at 28000,feet,on October 21st 1957at 9.18pm.

While flying westwards he nearly collided with an object showing six lights and moving slowly, a check with radar at RAF

Langtoft,confirmed that the object was not an aircraft..........

Aparently a similar object had been seen by forestry workers from Argyll Scotland earlier that morning.

As the reader will appreciate, entertaining and fascinating as these encounters are, they can never substitute first hand knowledge (irrespective of how incredible these accounts seem)from witnesses, whose credibility is not in question.

Enquiries with the appropriate department at the MOD have failed to obtain any information, no doubt due to the failure ofnot being in possesion of his full cristian names.