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Flying Accident: 41 Sqdn men in 102 Sqdn Whitley

Flying Accident: 41 Sqdn men in 102 Sqdn Whitley
Author: RAF41Sqdn
Time Stamp:
12:21:59 12 May 2003
The following five men, who were members of 41 Squadron's ground crew, were passengers in a 102 Squadron Whitley aircraft, which crashed on take-off from Catterick Airfield on 18 October 1939.

HARRIS, Albert Sgt., 563150, killed

JONES, Horace, AC1, 533682, killed

VINCENT, Arthur Sgt., 560443, killed

GIBBS, D., Sgt., injured

JENSISON, -, Cpl., injured

When 41 Squadron was ordered to Wick, Caithness, her pilots took off with their 12 Spitfires, followed by the servicing party in a 102 Squadron Whitley. The accident killed Harris, Jones, Vincent and four of the Whitley's crew, whilst Gibbs and Jensison were seriously injured. Gibbs did not return to the Squadron from sick leave until 9 December. (Source: 41 Squadron ORB, PRO Air 27/424)

Can anyone tell me any more about this incident, please, including details on 102 Squadron's aircraft, crew names, etc.?



RE: Flying Accident: 41 Sqdn men in 102 Sqdn Whitley
Author: Alan Smith (Guest)
Time Stamp:
14:33:56 12 May 2003

Chorley states 'Late in the day the crew of this aircraft were tasked to fly to Catterick and from there ferry a load of ammunition to Wick. After loading the stores, five passengeras boarded the aircraft. Sgt Gaut selected the longest available take-off run, but when about half eay across the azirfield the Whitley suddenly rose to about 10 feet, followed by a near vertical climb at full throttle. Eye witnesses state tha the bomber stalled below 100 feet, and dived nose first into the ground exploding on im,pact. Miraculously two of the five passengers survived the impact. Among thise killed was Sgt Haris, a Spitfire pilot, who on the day previous had shared in the desturction of a He 111 20 miles E of Whitby, Yorks. Those killed were Sgt H.J.Gaut,(Pilot), P/O R.A.M. Luckman, AC1 C. Paterson, AC.1 J.B. Clark, Sgt A Vincent(41 Sqdn), Sgt A.H. Harris (41 Sqdn)and AC1 H. Jones (41 Sqdn),. Sgt Gibbs and Cpl Jenkinson were injured.