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Wellington W5644

Wellington W5644
Author: Kevin (Guest)
Time Stamp:
18:12:18 17 May 2003
Hi All,

Wellington W5644 from Reserve Flight, Stradishall was lost on the 14-15/03/41 on a ferry flight, flown by Sgt Crawford J G with the loss of the entire crew.

Can someone please confirm if this aircraft was lost on a ferry flight to the Middle East or Malta. The aircraft came down North-West of Gozo.

TIA for your help,



RE: Wellington W5644
Author: Phil Stanbridge (Guest)
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19:29:27 19 May 2003
Try this guy. He co-wrote a history of Stradishall from 1938-1970

Jock Whitehouse

23 Windmill Rise



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