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100 Group Mossie Claim - 26/27 August 1944

100 Group Mossie Claim - 26/27 August 1944
Author: Paul Fox (Guest)
Time Stamp:
17:57:35 28 May 2003
I was looking for info on Lt Achim Woeste of III/NJG3, on

Luftwaffe Nighfigher forum.

Info is that he was shot down 26/27 August by 515 Squ Mossie

of 100 Group.

In "Confounding the Reich" by Bowman & Cushing only 100 Group claim that night was by NT146 of 169 Squ, being a JU88 near Breman.

Nearest 515 Squ claims are 25/26 July or 6/7 Sept. Anyone shed any light on this?