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426286 Fl/Lt P.J. McNulty DFC 18/09/45

426286 Fl/Lt P.J. McNulty DFC 18/09/45
Author: Chris_Pointon
Time Stamp:
02:00:49 07 January 2004
Looking for details on the death of 426286 Fl/Lt P.J. McNulty DFC RAAF 18/09/45 who was serving with 466 Sqdn at Bassingbourn and is buried in Cambridge C.W.G. This is probably a Halifax loss or possibly a Liberator as they were converting to this aircraft at the time albeit for a very short period whilst in Transport Command.

TIA Chris

RE: 426286 Fl/Lt P.J. McNulty DFC 18/09/45
Author: Rene Romainville (Guest)
Time Stamp:
06:46:52 07 January 2004
Hello Chris,

In the book "Brave and true" he is listed as crew N%B0147

36 Ops

page 82

Hope it help a little



RE: 426286 Fl/Lt P.J. McNulty DFC 18/09/45
Author: Don Clark (Guest)
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08:17:02 07 January 2004
Greetings, Chris.

In case you've not already looked, on the Australian War Memorial Honour Roll

it only remarks that McNulty's death was accidental.

McNulty, Patrick Joseph DFC

Number: 426286

Rank: Flight Lieutenant [Flt Lt]

Unit: 466 Sqn

Service: RAAF

Conflict: 1939-1945

Date of Death: 18/09/1945

Place of Death: England

Cause of Death: Accidental

Memorial Panel: 110

For completeness, his DFC record from the AWM Honours and Awards db

notes simply his London Gazette page:

McNulty, Patrick Joseph

Service Number: 426286

Rank: Flight Lieutenant

Unit: 466 Sqn RAAF

Service: RAAF

Honour / Award: Distinguished Flying Cross

Date of London Gazette: 17 July 1945, page 3686, position 6

Date of Commonwealth of Australia Gazette: 26 July 1945, page 1599, position 10

His World War II Nominal Roll

entry is at odds re his Sqdn, though the Roll is known not to be error free.


Service Royal Australian Air Force

Service Number 426286

Date of Birth 19 Nov 1922

Place of Birth BRISBANE, QLD

Date of Enlistment 19 Jun 1942

Locality on Enlistment Unknown

Place of Enlistment BRISBANE, QLD


Date of Death 18 Sep 1945

Rank Flight Lieutenant

Posting on Death 187 Squadron

WW2 Honours and Gallantry Distinguished Flying Cross

The National Archives of Australia Record Search facility

offers a digital copy of his personal file on request

...which I've lodged. It should appear there on-line in about 8 weeks. This may add something to the story, though it appears to be his personnel record rather than a casualty file.

RE: 426286 Fl/Lt P.J. McNulty DFC 18/09/45
Author: Terry
Time Stamp:
01:33:20 08 January 2004

McNulty's DFC is gazetted in the Fifth Supplement (LG 37182 dated 17 Jul 45) to the LG dated 13 Jul 45. There is no individual citation only the following general citation at the end of the list of decorations: "The above awards are in recognition of gallantry and devotion to duty in the execution of air operations."

Of interest, the same list of decorations contained one DSO and nine DFCs to other Australian members of 466 Sqn.



RE: 426286 Fl/Lt P.J. McNulty DFC 18/09/45
Author: Chris_Pointon
Time Stamp:
12:00:38 09 January 2004
Many thanks to all who answered


RE: 426286 Fl/Lt P.J. McNulty DFC 18/09/45
Author: Chris_Pointon
Time Stamp:
02:26:35 02 February 2004
His personal records have now been digitised on the NAA Site which confirmed two things: He died in an air accident and the place was Hatley nr Wrestlingworth not far from Bassingbourn. I entered a few details in Google and came up with this Web Page

Other than to say it was a 59 Sqdn Liberator KB736 with a part 466 Sqdn crew I will not repeat the rest of it but I have to take my hat off to people who probably without any prior knowledge of the RAF do their best to write up stories like this. I wonder how many more their are on the Web because we need to know as this has not been easy.

Confirmation of the S/No would be appreciated and any more on the crew as there seems to be some doubt as to how many were on board plus Bitsa the dog.

He does mention other crashes in this area which I cannot comment on at the moment so perhaps some kind soul could correct any mistakes and e-mail scaramouche directly.

Best wishes


RE: 426286 Fl/Lt P.J. McNulty DFC 18/09/45
Author: Henk Welting (Guest)
Time Stamp:
13:29:27 02 February 2004
Good info however serial number for the Liberator - - according to Air Britain - should read KN736.