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NZ391856 Sqn Ldr G C R Pannell, RNZAF

NZ391856 Sqn Ldr G C R Pannell, RNZAF
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10:24:32 Sunday, May 23, 2004
Your 12 May trio were all Kiwis. They must have pretty much stuck together from the beginning, Pannell also sailing from NZ to the UK on the Rangitane on 12 Jul 40.

Excerpt from Gp Capt C M Hanson’s ‘By Such Deeds - Honours and Awards in the Royal New Zealand Air Force 1923-1999’

PANNELL, Squadron Leader Geoffrey Charles Russell, DFC, CdeG avec Palme (Fr), (bbc).

NZ391856 & 131721; Born Christchurch, 22 Aug 1913; RNZAF 18 Dec 1939 to 25 Jan 1946, Res. to 3 Jul 1962; Pilot.

Citation Distinguished Flying Cross (29 Jun 1942): [91 Sqn RAF (Spitfire)] Flight Lieutenant Pannell has completed a large number of operational sorties, including patrols, sweeps, shipping reconnaissances and flights as escorts to bombers. He has displayed an exceptional enthusiasm for operational flying and a keen desire to engage the enemy. In October, 1941, this officer was leading an air escort provided for an Air Sea Rescue operation. The formation was attacked, but, showing fine leadership and tenacity, Flight Lieutenant Pannell succeeded in protecting the rescue craft and in personally destroying one of the attacking aircraft. In all, he has destroyed 2 enemy aircraft and damaged several more.

Citation Croix de Guerre avec Palme (Fr) (20 Apr 1943): [91 Sqn RAF (Spitfire)] In recognition of distinguished services to Free French pilots in operations.

During the Battle of Britain served with 3 Sqn RAF (Hurricane). Also flew with 260, 41, 111 and 222 Sqns RAF, completing at least three tours on fighters, with one ‘rest’ period spent as a test pilot on rebuilt Spitfires. Died Christchurch, 3 May 1980.

Obviously his sqn postings should actually read in order of 111, 260 then 41, as per Croker.

TWN 19 May 43 for pix


RE: NZ391856 Sqn Ldr G C R Pannell, RNZAF
Author: SteveBrew
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12:42:32 Sunday, May 23, 2004
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 23-May-04 AT 12:42 PM (GMT)[/font][p]Thanks for this Errol; very kind of you to share your data with me.