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Geoffrey Hill, 61046, 65 Squadron, Spitfire Mk II P7665

Geoffrey Hill, 61046, 65 Squadron, Spitfire Mk II P7665
Author: Skybert
Time Stamp:
09:15:09 Monday, September 13, 2004
Dear all,

Who can please help find pictures and further information on the following man and his machine.

P.O Geoffrey Hill, 61046, 65 Squadron, Spitfire Mk II P7665:

Hill joined the RAFVR in late 1938 as an Airman u/t Pilot (745896) and was called to full-time service on September 1 1939. He was posted to 3 ITW, Hastings in October, went to 11 EFTS for his elementary flying training and then to 6 FTS, Little Rissington to complete it.

In June 1940 Hill joined 65 Squadron at Hornchurch and served with it throughout the Battle of Britain. Commissioned in November 1940, he was shot down over France on February 5 1941 and made PoW.

Hill was flying Spitfire Mk II P7665. presumably shot down by German Ace Walther Oesau. Hill was held at various times in Stalags Luft I, II and III and finished up in Colditz (PoW No 405). Freed in May 1945, he was released from the RAF later in the year, as a Flight Lieutenant He was made an MBE for distinguished service whilst a PoW. Pictures of and further information on this Spitfire, and P.O. Hill are greatly appreciated.

RE: Geoffrey Hill, 61046, 65 Squadron, Spitfire Mk II P7665
Author: Terry
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03:00:22 Tuesday, September 14, 2004
Skybert, The following is from the LG in regard to your man:

Commissioned as a PO on prob wef 6 Jan 41 but with seniority from 27 Nov 40. Confirmed as a PO and promoted to FO wef 6 Jan 42, seniority 27 Nov 41. Promoted Flt Lt wef 6 Jan 43, seniority 27 Nov 42. Awarded m.i.d. on 13 Jun 46. Awarded MBE on 1 Oct 46, citation as follows:



St. James's Palace, S.W.1.

1st October, 1946.

The KING has been graciously pleased to give orders for the following appointments to the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire:

To be Additional Members in the Military Division of the said Most Excellent Order:%97

Flight Lieutenant Geoffrey HILL (61046), Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, No. 65 Squadron. Flight Lieutenant Hill was captured near St. Omer on 4th February, 1941, after his aircraft had crashed. In January, 1942, while imprisoned at Stalag Luft I at Bault, he made his first attempt at escape. At mid-day, during a snow storm, he climbed over the perimeter wire, dressed as a civilian. A look-out post was close .by, but Flight Lieutenant Hill counted on the sentry being kept in his box by the storm and on the high wind covering the noise of his climb. The driving snow squalls hid him from the sentries at neighbouring look-out posts. Flight Lieutenant Hill successfully negotiated the perimeter and got away. His objective was Saggnitz, about 80 miles away but, due to the intense cold, he was arrested on its outskirts some days later, suffering from exposure and exhaustion. In the summer of 1943, Flight Lieutenant Hill made a second attempt to escape. He bribed one of the sentries to allow him and another officer to climb the perimeter wire near a look-out post. This attempt was made about sunset but was also unsuccessful as the bribed sentry thought the escapers had been seen and fired as they were trying to cross the wire, with the result that they were recaptured almost immediately. On other occasions, Flight Lieutenant Hill made abortive escape attempts. Once, while serving a term of imprisonment in cells for a previous attempt, he attempted to cut through the window bars. During the whole period of his captivity, he was closely connected with all escape activities and never flagged in his determination to escape.

Fourth Supplement (LG37744 dated 1 Oct 46) to LG dated 27 Sep 46

Regards, Terry