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Wg. Cdr. Charles Crawford

Wg. Cdr. Charles Crawford
Author: SteveBrew
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20:17:37 Wednesday, April 27, 2005
I would appreciate help identifying Wg. Cdr. Charles Crawford, who was Digby Station Commander between 1937 and ca. Oct. 1938.

This officer was com. Flg. Off. in RAF, 1 Apr. 1918; Flt. Lt., 1 Jan. 1924; Advanced Specialist Course in Armament, AAS, Eastchurch, 31 Jan. 1932; Sqdn. Ldr., 1 Jan. 1932; Wg. Cdr., 1 Apr. 1937.

I am trying to find out if he is the same C. Crawford who was a Capt. with 41 Sqdn., 3-24 Sep. 1918. He was shot doen near Zillebeke Lake, Belgium, in S.E.5a, E4074, by Lt. Carl Degelow of Jasta 40 & became a POW, 24 Sep. 1918.

Are the above Wg. Cdr. Charles Crawford and 'my' Captain C. Crawford the same man? Further, what happened to Wg. Cdr. Crawford after he gave up command of Digby in Oct. 1938? I find no information on him in the LG, the Times, or the CWGC database. My 1960 AFL also makes no mention of him. Can anyone help me please?

Thanks and regards


RE: Wg. Cdr. Charles Crawford
Author: (Guest)
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21:48:45 Wednesday, April 27, 2005

From the RAF Retired List of April 1953:

Crawford, C. born 30/10/97. First Comm. R.A.F. 1/4/18. G.C. 1/12/43. ret. 30/9/47.

He does not appear in the 1975 Retired List, so presumably had died sometime between 1953 and 1975.

The May 1918 and Feb 1919 AFLs record only one C Crawford in its index, so I think we can safely say that your 'Captain' and the Wing Commander are one and the same man.

I note also from WWII AFLs that his service number is not included in the index.