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Unaccounted Airmen 3/6/40 France - Recovered Post

Unaccounted Airmen 3/6/40 France - Recovered Post
Author: Ross_McNeill
Time Stamp:
07:39:39 Saturday, August 11, 2007
Henk Welting (Guest) (3308 posts)

04-Nov-07, 01:34 PM (GMT)

"'Unaccounted' airman - 3-6-1940 (France)"

What caused the death of P/O (probably non-aircrew) Mervyn A. AP RHYS PRYCE - 77077 - killed on active service (Flight Global and listed as M.A.R. PRYCE), buried Main Cemetery Orlans, Dept. Cher (FR1692).

Regards and thanks for your help.


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RE: 'Unaccounted' airman - 3-6-1940... Amrit 04-Nov-07 1

RE: 'Unaccounted' airman - 3-6-1940... Henk Welting (Guest) 05-Nov-07 2

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Amrit (713 posts)

04-Nov-07, 02:13 PM (GMT)

1. "RE: 'Unaccounted' airman - 3-6-1940 (France)"

Hi Henk

I was involved in a discussion about this man a couple of months ago on another forum. Nothing definate was established about him but I found out through the Times that he was killed in an air raid.



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Henk Welting (Guest) (3308 posts)

05-Nov-07, 04:42 PM (GMT)

2. "RE: 'Unaccounted' airman - 3-6-1940 (France)"

Thanks Amrit, another one deleted from "the" list.