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Unaccounted airmen 29/05/40 - Recovered Post

Unaccounted airmen 29/05/40 - Recovered Post
Author: Ross_McNeill
Time Stamp:
11:34:20 Saturday, August 11, 2007
Henk Welting (Guest) (3280 posts)

26-Oct-07, 03:56 PM (GMT)

"'Unaccounted' airmen - 29-5-1940"

What caused the death of AC2 Eric J. AYERS - 646078 - 4 Sqn (Lysander, Ringway, Chershire) - died of wounds or injuries received on active service (Flight Global), buried St.Albans Cem., Hertfordshire (UK3391), and

the following airmen killed on active service (Flight Global):

P/O (Pilot) William G. BIBBY - 41236, buried Montrose (Sleepyhillock) Cem., Angus (UK8193),

Sgt (Pilot) John F. PALMER - 740287, buried Coventry (London Road) Cem., Warwickshire (UK6879),

Sgt (Pilot) Leonard K. PARKER - 754067, buried Oxford (Rose Hill) Cem., Oxfordshire (UK3035),

F/O Harold S. SMITH - 70634, buried Cranwell (St.Andrew) Churchyard, Crandwel and Byard's Leap, Lincolnshire (UK1931),

Sgt (Pilot) Jack S. WOOD - 740737, buried Twickenham (Teddington) Cem., Middlesex (UK3814).

Aircraft write-offs for this day:

Audax I - K7367 - 14 FTS - crashed in forced landing Harrold, Bedfordshire,

Bombay I - L5853 - 271 Sqn - flew into high ground Hunters Hill, Ruislip, Middlesex,

Hind I - K6751 - 1 FFS - dived into ground 3 miles ENE of Netheravon (as a casualty have already Lt R.J. Hyland - RN),

Hurricane I - L1756 - 242 Sqn - crashed on takeoff Manston, Kent,

Master I - N7559 - 8 FTS - collided with Master I - N7604,

Master I - N7604 - 8 FTS - collided with Master I - N7559 (for these Masters location not known).

Regards and thanks for your help.


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RE: 'Unaccounted' airmen - 29-5-194... Harry Jamieson (Guest) 26-Oct-07 1

RE: 'Unaccounted' airmen - 29-5-194... DaveW 26-Oct-07 2

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RE: 'Unaccounted' airmen - 29-5-194... Henk Welting (Guest) 28-Oct-07 4

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Harry Jamieson (Guest) (2 posts)

26-Oct-07, 04:29 PM (GMT)

1. "RE: 'Unaccounted' airmen - 29-5-1940"


Bibby and Palmer were the instructors in the Masters and Wood (with Bibby) and Parker the pupils. Sorry I don't know the location of the accident to those Montrose aircraft.


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DaveW (706 posts)

26-Oct-07, 08:27 PM (GMT)

2. "RE: 'Unaccounted' airmen - 29-5-1940"


Bibby Palmer Parker & Wood, place of death North Mains of Luther, Marykirk (near Edzel). No clue as to who was in what a/c.

William Thomas Pigott Sergeant pilot pupil who died on 31st is listed with the above, place of death Newton Farm, Marykirk. (N7556)



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Pierre Renier (Guest) (124 posts)

27-Oct-07, 11:31 PM (GMT)

3. "RE: 'Unaccounted' airmen - 29-5-1940"

Hello Henk

I can't see any reference to Ayers in 4 Sqn ORB nor the appendicies. However the Apr'40 section was lost in the withdrawl from France and it might be if he died of injuries they were sustained during that period as May'40 onwards is fairly comprhensive.



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Henk Welting (Guest) (3280 posts)

28-Oct-07, 10:36 AM (GMT)

4. "RE: 'Unaccounted' airmen - 29-5-1940"

Thanks Harry, DaveW and Pierre for your info.

Will keep F/O H.S. SMITH - 70634 on the list for later.