The AIR81 Casualty File Database Search

In 2012 the MoD undertook a consultation into the views of interested parties in releasing RAF Casualty Packs from the period 1939 to 1945 to public access at The National Archives. These are now known as the AIR81 series . Initially we have been tracking the entries in this thread RAF Casualty Packs 1939-45 Public Access . However as more and more files got released and the file count now standing at 8300 and upto August 1941, it has become a problem to post them in the thread and keep track of them. To make it easy for users, the AIR81 details have been loaded into an easily searchable database at  

The files are not only searchable through an easy input key, but will also come up in the individual aircraft entries for the RAF Serials section.  For eg: Looking up serial Z3317 in the serial database will bring up the individual aircraft entry and also the entry for the AIR81 file if it exists:

You can read more about the AIR81 records at


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