Martin Arthur Thornhill 1922 ‐ 1944

Flt Sgt M A Thornhill

Flt Sgt M A Thornhill

Jeremy Halliday, cousin of Flt Sgt M A Thornhill, who died in the shooting down of Lancaster ND352 has put together a document that contains details about Martin Thornhill and the correspondence between the Government and his family regarding his loss.  Jeremy writes:

“Thanks to several websites (including RAF Commands and the RCAF Bomber Command Museum in Nanton Alberta) I have made contact with relatives of other crew members and received a significant pile of data on them such that, not least, I have been able to add names to the faces in the crew photo and update Martin’s “In Memorium”.  

Not only that but I now have sufficient to start writing a short history of the Squadron, the plane and the crew which I aim to make available (in due course) free on the internet.  

Because of this I attach for what will, in all probability, be the final edition of Martin’s document.”

The Document is available in PDF format at In Memorium – M A Thornhill