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Flight Lieutenant Raphael L Goldestein – Photos from India

Previously we have posted some logbook pages from Flight Lieutenant Raphael L Goldestein, who served with No.28 Squadron on the Burma Front during 1945-46 at Now we have updated the gallery with several photographs from his collection – these show Hurricanes…

RAF Liberators over Burma – Flying with 159 Squadron

RAFCommands contributor and Author Matt Poole writes about his first published book : RAF Liberators over Burma – Flying with 159 Squadron By Bill Kirkness DFM and Matt Poole Fonthill Media, November 2017 – Hardcover: 224 pages with 53 black-and-white photographs Publisher: Fonthill…

P-47 Thunderbolt with the RAF

P-47 Thunderbolt with the RAF

Courtesy: Joe Baugher The Royal Air Force was supplied with a total of 830 P-47Ds. In RAF service, the “razorback” P-47D was known as the Thunderbolt I and the “bubble canopy” P-47D was known as Thunderbolt II. Thunderbolt Is were…

RAF Mauripur Photographs

A photo album compiled by the RAF Mauripur association was recently sold on Ebay. Some of the images featured Avro Lancastrian “Aries”, shots of AVro Yorks, Stirlings and other aircraft.