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SEAC Losses – Westland Lysander

Lysander N1273 , BF-C of No.28 Squadron.  Crashed on Take Off Kohat. Sgt RIDLEY attempted to take off in coarse pitch, failed to gain height and crashed outside the airfield perimeter. Pilot escaped unhurt, but aircraft was written off. In…

John Medland – Service in RAF Kohat

Mike Medland contributed over 40 photographs from his father’s collection. His father was then Corporal John McLaren Medland (No. 771763)  (1922-2012) who served with the RAF from 1940 till 1946.  As Mike recalls about his father: John’s maternal grandparents were…

How many aircraft did the RAF lose in SEAC Theatre?

A few years ago, (actually couple of decades ago) I asked myself – I wonder how many aircraft were lost by the RAF and Commonwealth Air Forces in the SEAC Theatre (- The Indian Subcontinent – covering present day India, Burma, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ceylon).  There were no published figures, nor reference material available. The data exists, but is scattered among countless books and sources – not consolidated in one single location.

P-47 Thunderbolt with the RAF

P-47 Thunderbolt with the RAF

Courtesy: Joe Baugher The Royal Air Force was supplied with a total of 830 P-47Ds. In RAF service, the “razorback” P-47D was known as the Thunderbolt I and the “bubble canopy” P-47D was known as Thunderbolt II. Thunderbolt Is were…