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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/80Aircraftman 2nd Class D J Drury, Aircraftman 2nd Class A Hinchliffe, Acting Sergeant W H C Kidd, Leading Aircraftman A J Mantle, Sergeant H R B Wakeham and Sergeant J Morrice: report of deaths; Wellington N2946 failed to return from an operational flight, 2 January 1940.C14141902
AIR81/81Leading Aircraftman C F Hudson, Leading Aircraftman D M Rowson, Sergeant R J Peacock and Acting Flight Lieutenant T H Clarke: missing presumed dead; Hudson N7232 failed to return from a reconnaissance flight, 1 January 1940.C14141903
AIR81/82Aircraftman 1st Class P B Harris: report of death. Sergeant F L Smith and Flying Officer C M P Kempster: injured and interned; Blenheim L1410 force landed in Belgium, 3 January 1940.C14141904
AIR81/83Pilot Officer R C Lloyd, Pilot Officer A Barkley, Aircraftman 1st Class R S Morton and Corporal D Turner: missing presumed dead; Hudson N7262 failed to return from a patrol flight, 11 January 1940.C14141905
AIR81/88Aircraftman 2nd Class J R Hunter, Sergeant D J Bendall and Pilot Officer J N O'Reilly-Blackwood: report of deaths; Blenheim L1280 shot down near Duisburg, 25 January 1940.C14141910
AIR81/89Pilot Officer J J Tarlington: missing presumed dead; Hurricane L1699 last seen crashing into the sea off Herne Bay, Kent, 16 February 1940.C14141911
AIR81/90Sergeant W B Woods, Aircraftman 1st Class J Orchard and Sergeant F J R Bigg: missing presumed dead; Blenheim N6211 failed to return from a reconnaissance flight, 17 February 1940.C14141912
AIR81/91Leading Aircraftman T F Johnson, Leading Aircraftman F G Jones, Leading Aircraftman A R Chapman, Sergeant L C Cond, Sergeant A Hill and Flying Officer N Hawxby: missing presumed dead; Wellington N2951 failed to return from an operational flight over Heligoland, 21 February 1940. Note: With plastic air craft identification plateC14141913
AIR81/92Flight Lieutenant A N Wilson: missing presumed dead; Spitfire K9810 failed to return from an operational flight, 21 February 1940.C14141914
AIR81/93Pilot Officer R A G Willis, Flying Officer O L Williams, Pilot Officer J S Trotter, Acting Sergeant A R Mattick, Aircraftman 2nd Class W Cockburn and Aircraftman 2nd Class C G Ashman: interned; Wellington N3004 force landed in Belgium, 24 February 1940.C14141915
AIR81/94Pilot Officer J A E Monette: injured. Sergeant J A H Potter: report of death. Leading Aircraftman A N Whitehall: uninjured; Blenheim L1444 crashed on return from a reconnaissance flight, Donna Brook, Lincolnshire, 25 February 1940.C14141916
AIR81/95Aircraftman 1st Class S N Middleton, Sergeant T S Weightman and Flying Officer J C H Blake: missing presumed dead; Blenheim P4842 failed to return from air operations, 27 February 1940.C14141917
AIR81/96Squadron Leader F W C Shute: missing presumed dead; Gladiator N5646 reported engine failure whilst over the North Sea, 29 February 1940. Note: With mapC14141918
AIR81/97Sergeant M Whiffen, Acting Sergeant J C Murdoch, Leading Aircraftman E H Prior, Aircraftman 2nd Class T E Smith, Aircraftman L B Hughson and Flying Officer L R Field: report of deaths; Wellington N2984 crashed during an operational flight, Bury St Edmunds, 2 March 1940. Note: With photographsC14141919
AIR81/98Pilot Officer J S Mitchell: report of death; Hurricane L1671 crash landed after engaging with enemy aircraft, 2 March 1940.C14141920
AIR81/99Flying Officer S D Slocum, Leading Aircraftman J A Butcher and Leading Aircraftman R A Mutton: report of deaths. Sergeant J A M Reid: injured; Hudson N7334 shot down by allied aircraft, 3 March 1940.C14141921
AIR81/100Leading Aircraftman J C Forster, Aircraftman 2nd Class F Hart, Acting Sergeant A K Saxon, Aircraftman 1st Class P W Corvan, Pilot Officer A Stewart and Pilot Officer J N Carter: report of deaths; Wellington N3006 crashed at Barton Mills, Suffolk, 3 March 1940. Note: Wellington N3306 is recorded on the cover of the file, but the inside documentation correctly records it as N3006.C14141922
AIR81/101Pilot Officer P A F Addie and Flight Lieutenant V H Ayres: report of deaths. Sergeant G A Rowling and Leading Aircraftman A V Wallace: missing presumed dead; Hampden L4063 crashed on returning from a flight, Cocklaw foot, Morbattle, 17 March 1940.C14141923
AIR81/102Pilot Officer E O Fennell, Acting Flight Lieutenant J E Baskerville, Leading Aircraftman W G Newton, Leading Aircraftman L Close and Sergeant B D Shepperson: missing presumed dead; Whitley N1405 failed to return from an operational flight to the Island of Sylt, Germany, 19 March 1940. Note: With photographC14141924
AIR81/103Leading Aircraftman R C Hope: injured; Whitley K9043 hit by anti-aircraft fire during an operational flight to the Island of Sylt, Germany, 19 March 1940.C14141925
AIR81/104Flying Officer E J Kain: injured; Hurricane P2543 hit by cannon shell; aircraft abandoned at Ritzing, France; 26 March 1940.C14141926
AIR81/105Sergeant G H Stiles: report of death. Flight Sergeant D W G Nicholls and Leading Aircraftman J B Roberts: missing presumed dead; Blenheim L8747 shot down near Blaavands Huk, Denmark, 27 March 1940.C14141927
AIR81/106Pilot Officer G L Norman: report of death. Flight Lieutenant L B J Boardman, Warrant Officer W R Taylor, Leading Aircraftman J Masters and Warrant Officer W Cowie: prisoners of war; Whitley N1351 shot down south of Gerolstein, 28 March 1940. Note: With photographsC14141928
AIR81/107Aircraft R B Barrie, Leading Aircraftman S H E Caplin, Flying Officer T J Geach, and Flying Officer W P Copinger: prisoners of war. Sergeant J E Miller: report of death; Whitley N1357 shot down by Dutch aircraft on return from air operations over Germany, 28 March 1940.C14141929
AIR81/108Pilot Officer J G Perry: report of death; Hurricane P2570 force landed, after enemy action, at Rennes-le-Chateau, near Troyes, 29 March 1940. Note: With photographsC14141930
AIR81/109Sergeant H H Kelleway, Leading Aircraftman E L Wolverson and Flying Officer G Harries: missing presumed dead; Blenheim P8867 failed to return from operations off the coast of Denmark, 1 April 1940.C14141944
AIR81/110Pilot Officer H C F Fenton: missing presumed dead; Hurricane L1799 failed to return from convoy patrol over the North Sea, 2 April 1940.C14141945
AIR81/111Flying Officer D Phillips: wounded; Hurricane L1951 force landed at Great Yarmouth, 2 April 1940.C14141946
AIR81/112Pilot Officer I Stapledon, Sergeant W J Wetton and Leading Aircraftman J B Ball: report of deaths; Blenheim L8740 crashed after takeoff at Merton Hall Estate, near Watton, 6 April 1940.C14141947
AIR81/113Flying Officer F G Brotchie: injured; Hurricane P2542 in air operations over Metz, near Boulay, France, 7 April 1940.C14141948
AIR81/114Pilot Officer R A Gayford, Sergeant W F Nicol, Sergeant R J Moore, Sergeant M F Murphy, Aircraftman 1st Class J Moss and Leading Aircraftman D Armstrong; missing presumed dead; Wellington N2949 shot down over the North Sea during air operations, 7 April 1940.C14141949
AIR81/115Aircraftman 2nd Class R C Peel, Aircraftman 2nd Class H G Ablett, Sergeant W L MacDonald, Pilot Officer J P Chester-Master, Pilot Officer D H Wardlaw and Pilot Officer E A Wickenkamp: missing presumed dead; Wellington P2524 shot down over the North Sea during air operations, 7 April 1940.C14141950
AIR81/116Corporal G A Verlaque, Leading Aircraftman N McReynolds, Sergeant G H Scott and Pilot Officer P D Aldous: missing presumed dead; Anson N9678 failed to return from air operations over the North Sea, 8 April 1940.C14141951
AIR81/117Acting Flight Lieutenant R P A Harrison, Pilot Officer R F Hoskins, Aircraftman 1st Class B V H Bulmer, Aircraftman 2nd Class W H U Dolley, Aircraftman 1st Class L J Fowell, Aircraftman 2nd Class H Harrott, Aircraftman 1st Class C A Hughes, Leading Aircraftman D S Lloyd and Leading Aircraftman A F Roberts: missing presumed dead; Sunderland L5799 failed to return from air operations, 8 April 1940.C14141952
AIR81/118Aircraftman 1st Class R L Millar, Aircraftman 1st Class G H Maile, Leading Aircraftman F A Morrison, Sergeant J A L Barter, Sergeant J C Carpenter, Leading Aircraftman D W B Upham, Aircraftman 2nd Class G Eveson, Acting Flight Lieutenant P W H Kite and Pilot Officer A F Lemaistre: report of deaths. Aircraftman 1st Class O F George: injured; Sunderland L2167 shot down by German aircraft near Drammen, Norway, 10 April 1940.C14141953
AIR81/119Pilot Officer A E Evans: report of death; Hudson N7243; shot during air operations and died of wounds; 11 April 1940.C14141954
AIR81/120Sergeant C F Rose: injured; Blenheim L8783 in air operations over the coast of Norway, 10 April 1940.C14141955
AIR81/121Pilot Officer F E Barber, Pilot Officer D A Rankin, Pilot Officer P E T Bull, Sergeant G W J Juby, Sergeant A S Pearce and Leading Aircraftman L A Westcott: report of deaths; Wellington P9284 failed to return from air operations over Stavanger, Norway, 11 April 1940. Note: With photographsC14141956
AIR81/122Flying Officer G E Saddington, Pilot Officer C R Hebeler, Sergeant J R Ibbotson, Corporal O Haire and Aircraftman 1st Class P W S Chalmers: missing presumed dead; Whitley N1347 force landed in the North Sea because of engine failure, 12 April 1940.C14141957
AIR81/123Flight Sergeant G A Powell and Corporal E Hodgson: injured; Wellington P9271 in air operations over Stavanger, Norway, 11 April 1940.C14141958
AIR81/124Sergeant L W G Smith; injured; Wellington P9235 in air operations over Stavanger, Norway, 11 April 1940.C14141959
AIR81/125Sergeant W S Nevinson: report of death. Acting Corporal G Fawcett, Pilot Officer J B Bull and Pilot Officer A D Pilcher: missing presumed dead; Hampden L4064 crashed into the North Sea during air operations over Norway, 12 April 1940.C14141960
AIR81/126Sergeant S V Vart, Acting Sergeant J R Jopling, Acting Corporal A S G Barrass and Pilot Officer M Thomas: missing presumed dead; Hampden L4081 failed to return from air operations over Norway, 14 April 1940.C14141961
AIR81/127Squadron Leader M Nolan, Flying Officer D C Maybury, Pilot Officer G W Brundish, Sergeant F F Bestick, Leading Aircraftman M F Bedford and Aircraftman 2nd Class G Flynn: missing presumed dead; Wellington P9269 failed to return from air operations off the coast of Norway, 12 April 1940.C14141962
AIR81/128Flying Officer H W Robson: report of death. Flying Officer K J A Johnstone, Corporal J H Evans and Corporal W H G Evans: missing presumed dead; Hampden P1173 failed to return from air operations over Kristiansand Harbour, Norway, 12 April 1940.C14141963
AIR81/129Flight Lieutenant F D Middleton, Warrant Officer A C Henry and Flight Lieutenant M W Donaldson: prisoners of war. Sergeant J Greet: report of death; Hampden L4083 failed to return from air operations off the coast of Norway, 12 April 1940.C14141964
AIR81/130Corporal M Wilson, Leading Aircraftman J A Milne, Acting Flight Lieutenant A H McLaren and Pilot Officer G J D Yorke: missing presumed dead; Hudson 7258 presumed to have crashed in the North Sea, 12 April 1940.C14141965
AIR81/131Flying Officer W G Taylor, Sergeant J R Tonkiss, Acting Corporal H D Brown and Sergeant W J Ison: missing presumed dead; Hampden L4099 force landed in the North Sea during air operations over Kristiansand Harbour, Norway, 12 April 1940.C14141881
AIR81/132Sergeant G M Wild, Sergeant D W A Chambers, Leading Aircraftman S Kershaw and Sergeant H Bratton missing presumed dead; Hampden L4073 failed to return from air operations off the coast of Norway, 12 April 1940.C14141882
AIR81/133Sergeant G E Goad: report of death. Sergeant F A Woodcock, Sergeant R F Vickery, Corporal J H Langridge, Aircraftman 2nd Class J Henry and Aircraftman 1st Class E B Doherty: missing presumed dead; Wellington P9266 failed to return from air operations off Southern Norway, 12 April 1940.C14141883

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