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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/4760Flight Lieutenant A S Hunter, Pilot Officer T Genney: killed; aircraft accident, Beaufighter R2054, 604 Squadron, 6 February 1941.C16688858
AIR81/4761Flight Lieutenant R M Messiter: injured; Leading Aircraftman E B Raybould: uninjured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth T7242, 2 Elementary Flying Training School, 7 February 1941.C16688859
AIR81/4762Sergeant G D Roper: injured; aircraft accident at Thrumster, Hurricane P2693, 3 Squadron, 23 November 1941.C16688860
AIR81/4763Pilot Officer W C Watling: killed; aircraft accident, 92 Squadron, 7 February 1941.C16688861
AIR81/4765Sergeant L A Young, Sergeant J E Brown, Sergeant J Coates: killed; aircraft crashed near Loon-op-Zand, Holland, Blenheim R3897, 114 Squadron, 31 December 1940.C16688863
AIR81/4766Sergeant G D Bushell: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane P9267, 213 Squadron, 31 December 1940.C16688864
AIR81/4767Aircraftman A L Moore: died of injuries; enemy action at RAF Kenley, 21 October 1940.C16688865
AIR81/4768Squadron Leader R C Beaman, Sergeant H Robson, Sergeant D Trigwell: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over enemy territory, Blenheim T2328, 139 Squadron, 31 December 1940.C16688866
AIR81/4769Sergeant J S Fensome: killed; Squadron Leader N W D Marwood-Elton, Pilot Officer J E Slatter, Pilot Officer T G Lupton, Sergeant W Wright, Sergeant E J Ford, Sergeant R C H Chandler, Sergeant R E Little: uninjured; aircraft accident, Wellington N2980, 20 Operational Training Unit, 31 December 1940.C16688867
AIR81/4770Pilot Officer C F A Capon: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane V7186, 257 Squadron, 1 January 1941.C16688868
AIR81/4771Flying Officer H E M Featherstone, Pilot Officer R Mansell, Pilot Officer J B Allen, Sergeant R A Plowright, Flying Officer D H G Kiralfy, Leading Aircraftman W A Meller, Aircraftman G A Meridew, Leading Aircraftman K C G Gilder: killed; aircraft accident, Hudson T9287, 206 Squadron, 1 January 1941.C16688869
AIR81/4772Sergeant S L Bennett, Sergeant W H Tunstall, Sergeant L R France: killed; aerial combat, aircraft shot down and crashed near Valona, Albania, Blenheim L1540, 211 Squadron, 31 December 1940. With photographs.C16688870
AIR81/4773Pilot Officer A M W Scott: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane Z2383, 605 Squadron, 2 January 1941.C16688871
AIR81/4774Pilot Officer J H Erskine, Sergeant J L Curry, Sergeant W Langdon, Sergeant W E Fennell: killed; aircraft crashed near Hoylake on return from operational flight, Anson R3305, 48 Squadron, 1 January 1941.C16688872
AIR81/4775Sergeant L A T Hawker: killed; aircraft accident, Harvard P7199, 20 Service Flying Training School, 2 January 1941.C16688873
AIR81/4776Aircraftman L Kinloch: killed; ground crew accident, 106 Squadron, 2 January 1941.C16688874
AIR81/4777Pilot Officer R C Stokes: killed; aircraft accident, DH Queen Bee P5743, Army Co-operation 70 Group, 2 January 1941.C16688875
AIR81/4778Pilot Officer A W Burnet: injured; aircraft accident, Hurricane L1852, 55 Operational Training Unit, 22 January 1941.C16688876
AIR81/4779Flying Officer A G S Cousens, Aircraftman R H Ellis: injured; Flying Officer A J Strachan: uninjured; aircraft accident, Battle L5052, RAF Marham Flight, 2 January 1941.C16688877
AIR81/4780Corporal E C Brett, Aircraftman Goble, Aircraftman Copeland, Aircraftman Robey: injured; land mine explosion, Billet Site 5/6, Temple Gardens, London, 3 January 1941.C16688878
AIR81/4781Leading Aircraftman K Sevaa: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth T5520, 26 Elementary Flying Training School, 2 January 1941.C16688879
AIR81/4782Squadron Leader S Floryanowicz (Polish), Pilot Officer M Olszyna (Polish), Flying Officer H Kulbacki (Polish), Sergeant J Heznowski (Polish), Sergeant A Guzowski (Polish), Sergeant L Gachowski (Polish): killed; aircraft accident, Wellington T2517, 301 Squadron, 1 January 1941.C16688880
AIR81/4783Pilot Officer B R Murawski (Polish), Pilot Officer T Dziubinski (Polish), Flying Officer B Sadowski (Polish), Sergeant K Sawicz (Polish), Sergeant G Kasianowski (Polish): killed; Sergeant Wancisiewicz (Polish): uninjured; enemy action, Wellington T2518, 301 Squadron, 1 January 1941.C16688881
AIR81/4784Leading Aircraftman F C Blake, Aircraftman B Morrison: injured; Pilot Officer P W Arbon: uninjured; aircraft accident, Hurricane V6876, 85 Squadron, 141 Squadron, 29 December 1940.C16688882
AIR81/4785Pilot Officer W A Bates: killed; Sergeant W A Davis, Sergeant F Waldren, Sergeant Balcombe, Sergeant E A Grunsell: uninjured; aircraft abandoned over Lindholme, Doncaster, Whitley T4204, 78 Squadron, 1 January 1941.C16688883
AIR81/4786Flight Lieutenant W H Powdrell, Sergeant A A Horn: injured; Sergeant R R B Durtnall, Sergeant J G Clelland: uninjured; aircraft crashed on return from operational flight, Hampden X3126, 61 Squadron, 3 January 1941.C16688884
AIR81/4787Flying Officer D C F Coutts, Sergeant K H Smith, Sergeant N Stephenson, Sergeant J Kennedy, Sergeant T Behan: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight, Whitley T4227, 102 Squadron, 3 January 1941.C16688885
AIR81/4788Leading Aircraftman K G Hemingway: injured; aircraft accident, Audax K7452, 9 Service Flying Training School, 3 January 1941.C16688886
AIR81/4789Flying Officer F G Denman: injured; aircraft accident, RAF Takoradi, Gold Coast, Hurricane V7427, 3 January 1941.C16688887
AIR81/4790Pilot Officer P J B Griffiths, Sergeant A C Tadhunter, Sergeant C Blackshaw: missing believed killed; aircraft shot down over Tobruk, Blenheim L8479, 45 Squadron, 3 January 1941.C16688888
AIR81/4791Multiple casualties: RAF and RNZAF Personnel; sinking of RMS Rangitane, 27 November 1940.C16688889
AIR81/4792Squadron Leader C H A Coleman: killed; Flight Sergeant D W Matthews, Sergeant H R MacRory: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over France, Blenheim L6781, 23 Squadron, 3 January 1941.C16688890
AIR81/4793Aircraftman C E Bush: injured; enemy action at RAF Watton, 4 January 1941.C16688891
AIR81/4794Sergeant J M Keddie, Officer J P A Davidson: died of injuries; Flying Officer J P A Davidson, Pilot Officer D Bellerby, Sergeant G J Truscott: injured; aircraft accident at RAF Newmarket, Wellington L7783, 99 Squadron, 4 January 1941.C16688892
AIR81/4795Sergeant K A Worthington: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane L1741, 56 Operational Training Unit, 4 January 1941.C16688893
AIR81/4796Sergeant A D Wright, Pilot Officer R W Trehern, Sergeant C G Sinclair, Sergeant J D Kelly, Sergeant C Swaffield: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over Bremen, Whitley P5060, 51 Squadron, 4 January 1941.C16688894
AIR81/4797Pilot Officer R F T Doe: injured; aircraft accident at RAF Warmwell, Hurricane V6758, 238 Squadron, 3 January 1941.C16688895
AIR81/4798Pilot Officer G R H Newton, Sergeant K G Hughes: injured; Pilot Officer J G Good: uninjured; forced landing, near Exeter, Blenheim V5398, 53 Squadron, 4 January 1941.C16688896
AIR81/4799Pilot Officer P E Gibbs: missing believed killed; Sergeant H S Wall, Sergeant H G W Martin: killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over Brest Harbour, France, Blenheim R2773, 53 Squadron, 4 January 1941.C16688897
AIR81/4800Aircraftman W E Neve: injured; Sergeant K S Stammers, Sergeant I G Hall, Sergeant S K Coates: uninjured; enemy action, Hampden L4042, 44 Squadron, 5 January 1941.C16688898
AIR81/4801Aircraftman J Liebold (Czech): killed; enemy air raid at RAF Honington, 311 Squadron, 5 January 1941.C16688899
AIR81/4802Aircraftman S C Jarvis: injured; enemy air raid at RAF West Drayton, 906 Squadron, 4 January 1941.C16688900
AIR81/4803Sergeant A K Murrell: injured; Flying Officer R J D Christie: uninjured; aircraft forced landed due to enemy anti aircraft fire, Hardy K4314, 237 Squadron, 4 January 1941.C16688901
AIR81/4804Sergeant R A A Bridgart: killed; Sergeant C A Jones: uninjured; aircraft accident, Hampden P2114, 16 Operational Training Unit, 5 January 1941.C16688902
AIR81/4805Pilot Officer P H Leckrone: killed; aircraft accident at Scunthorpe, Hurricane V6636, 71 Squadron, 5 January 1941.C16688903
AIR81/4806Sergeant J C Hulbert: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from patrol, enemy action, Bardia, Libya, Hurricane N2625, 274 Squadron, 4 January 1941.C16688904
AIR81/4807Aircraftman A E Goulding: killed; enemy action at Manchester, 35 Squadron, 23 December 1940.C16688905
AIR81/4808Sergeant RH Collard: killed; enemy air raid, Cardiff, 2 January 1941.C16688906
AIR81/4809Sergeant A Warburton: injured; aircraft accident, Oxford N4841, RAF Shawbury Flight, 14 September 1940.C16688907
AIR81/4810Sergeant T H Cooke: injured; Sergeant A J Jackman, Sergeant H R Perry: uninjured; aircraft accident, Blenheim V5375, 82 Squadron, 6 January 1941.C16688908

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