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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/11297Lieutenant W J S A Webb (SAAF): missing now safe; Hurricane W9156, 74 Operational Training Unit; aircraft accident near South El Falluja, Iraq, 1 January 1942.C17059026
AIR81/11298Flying Officer H C S Armstrong, Aircraftsman W F Ruddick, Leading Aircraftsman S Harris, Aircraftsman J Findlater: injured; Lerwick L7265, 4 Coastal Operational Training Unit; aircraft accident at RAF Invergordon, 31 December 1941.C17059027
AIR81/11299Pilot Officer K W Wyatt, Sergeant J Y Burke, Sergeant S Giles: missing now safe; Blenheim Z9816, 18 Squadron; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over the coast of North Africa, 30 December 1941.C17059028
AIR81/11300Pilot Officer H R Bartlett, Leading Aircraftsman A Boniface: injured; 253 Wing, Allied Headquarters Western Desert; booby trap causing gun to explode, Bu Amud, Libya, 13 December 1941.C17059029
AIR81/11301Leading Aircraftsman R A R Braye (RAAF): killed; Corporal A Campbell (RAAF): injured; 3 Squadron; enemy bombing attack near El Gazala, Libya, 26 December 1941.C17059030
AIR81/11302Sergeant W H D Stewart (RAAF), Leading Aircraftsman G J King, Leading Aircraftsman J C Lambert: killed; Oxford N6278, 15 Service Flying Training School; aircraft accident at Shipston-on-Stour, 31 December 1941.C17059031
AIR81/11303Sergeant R N S Stevens (RAAF): injured; Spitfire P7905, 457 Squadron; aircraft accident at RAF Andreas, 31 December 1941.C17059032
AIR81/11304Sergeant A S Collyer (RAAF): injured; Buffalo AN189, 453 Squadron; enemy action at RAF Sembawang, Singapore, 30 December 1941.C17059033
AIR81/11305Aircraftsman H H Blair: injured; enemy action at RAF Gong Kedak, Malaya, 27 December 1941.C17059034
AIR81/11306Corporal R Rich: injured; 4 Squadron (SAAF); enemy action in the Western Desert, 31 December 1941.C17059035
AIR81/11307Sergeant J Cox: missing believed killed; Spitfire BL286, 130 Squadron; aircraft crashed during an operational flight into Falmouth Bay, 31 December 1942.C17059036
AIR81/11308Sergeant A E Joyce: prisoner of war; Spitfire AB854, 234 Squadron; shot down over France 31 December 1941.C17059037
AIR81/11309Pilot Officer D S King (RCAF), Sergeant W R Gates (RCAF), Sergeant S M Wilson (RAAF), Sergeant L Blair, Sergeant H J Toski, Sergeant P D Randall, Sergeant F Eaton: missing believed killed; Halifax L9615, 76 Squadron; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight to attack German cruisers Gneisenau and Scharnhorst near Brest, France, 30 December 1941.C17059038
AIR81/11310Flight Lieutenant R A Atkinson, Pilot Officer S E Scales (RNZAF), Pilot Officer D B Babineau (RCAF), Sergeant T D Morris, Sergeant P Smith, Corporal J A D Wyant, Leading Aircraftsman D Ballard, Sergeant R Borchers (RAAF), Petty Officer Heath (Royal Navy): injured; Catalina AH540, 205 Squadron; aircraft force landed at sea due to enemy action off the coast of Singapore, 25 December 1941.C17059039
AIR81/11311Flight Lieutenant R E Hill, Flight Sergeant R J Dayner, Sergeant K R C Carter (RAAF): missing believed killed; Blenheim V5636, 34 Squadron; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over Sungei Pantani, Malaya, 28 December 1941.C17059040
AIR81/11312Second Lieutenant H Currin (SAAF): prisoner of war; Hurricane Z4010, 1 Squadron SAAF; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over the Western Desert, Libya, 20 December 1941.C17059041
AIR81/11314Pilot Officer M C Blanchard (RCAF): missing believed killed; Flight Lieutenant Andrews (RCAF): missing now safe; Hurricane BE343 and Hurricane BE344, 242 Squadron; mid air collision off the coast of Ghar Hassan, Malta during an operational flight, 29 December 1941.C17059043
AIR81/11315Sergeant R C Wood: killed; Sergeant T C Marshall, Sergeant C Pottas: injured; Blenheim Z6148, 236 Squadron; aircraft crashed at Redberth during an operational flight, 1 January 1942.C17059044
AIR81/11316Warrant Officer A Zevaco-Lamour (Free French): injured; Hurricane Z490, 80 Squadron; aircraft crashed at El Gubbi Landing Ground, Libya during an operational flight, 19 December 1941.C17059045
AIR81/11317Sergeant J A Farmar (Rhodesian): killed; Spitfire R7226, 603 Squadron; aircraft accident at Auchterhouse Hill, Dundee, 1 January 1942.C17059046
AIR81/11318Sergeant H W Wolf (RCAF): killed; Defiant M3432, 60 Operational Training Unit; aircraft accident near Windermere, Westmorland, 1 January 1942.C17059047
AIR81/11319Sergeant R G W Carter: killed; Hurricane V7400, 55 Operational Training Unit; aircraft accident at Castle Eden, 1 January 1942.C17059048
AIR81/11320Pilot Officer E H C Theobald: missing believed killed; Hurricane Z4709, 30 Squadron; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over the Halfaya Pass, Egypt, 28 December 1941.C17059049
AIR81/11321Sergeant L F Redfern: killed; Sergeant D H Roberts, Sergeant L Brockett, Sergeant A Sherwin: missing believed killed; Hampden AE369, 50 Squadron; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over Vaagso Island, Norway, 27 December 1941.C17059050
AIR81/11322Pilot Officer C A G Ferguson: missing believed killed; Lysander R2647, Communications Flight, Allied Headquarters; aircraft crashed during an operational flight near Thalata, Egypt, 14 December 1941.C17059051
AIR81/11323Sergeant R H Nitschke (RAAF): missing believed killed; Tomahawk AM452, 250 Squadron; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over Benghazi, Libya, 21 December 1941.C17059052
AIR81/11324Petty Officer L E Burston (Royal Navy): killed; Martlett, Fleet Air Arm; aircraft accident near Ardrossan, 21 December 1941.C17059053
AIR81/11325Sergeant J E Chodzicki (Polish): killed; Tutor K3400, Central Flying School, Uphavon; aircraft accident, near Pewsey Wiltshire, 2 January 1942.C17059054
AIR81/11326Sergeant J R Sutherland: injured; Hurricane Z4014, 185 Squadron; enemy action off the coast of Malta, 2 January 1942.C17059055
AIR81/11327Sergeant R N Williams, Sergeant R H Taylor: injured; Manchester L7431, 25 Operational Training Unit; aircraft accident at Woodsetts near Worksop, 2 Janaury 1942.C17059056
AIR81/11328Leading Aircraftsman T J Murray: injured; enemy action at Johore Bahru, Malaya, 1 January 1942.C17059057
AIR81/11329Captain J S Hertzberg (Royal Norwegian Air Force); missing believed killed; Spitfire P8722, 602 Squadron; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight to Saint Valerie-Sur-Mer, France, 2 January 1942.C17059058
AIR81/11330Flight Sergeant G W Bigglestone, Sergeant H A McLennan (RCAF): killed; Sergeant C T Martin (RCAF): died of injuries; Wellington X9640, 22 Operational Training unit; aircraft accident at RAF Wellesbourne, 3 January 1942.C17059059
AIR81/11331Flight Sergeant B P O'Neill (RCAF): killed; Hurricane BE483, 402 Squadron; aircraft shot down, aerial combat off the coast of Cherbourg, France, 2 January 1942.C17059060
AIR81/11332Flight Lieutenant R Hawkins, Pilot Officer J A Hope: injured; Tutor K3246, 2 Central Flying School; aircraft accident near Warwick, 2 January 1942.C17059061
AIR81/11333Pilot Officer R C McMillan; injured; 77 Squadron; airscrew accident at RAF Abingdon, 3 January 1942.C17059062
AIR81/11334Leading Aircraftsman H R S Treacy: killed; Oxford P6834, 21 Service Flying Training School; aircraft accident near Bulawayo, Rhodesia, 3 January 1942.C17059063
AIR81/11335Pilot Officer C Ludwig, Flying Officer J L S Willox (RAAF), Flying Officer A M Christie (RAAF), Sergeant J R Stansfield: killed; Hampden P5328, 455 Squadron; aircraft crashed near RAF Thame on return from an operational flight off the coast of La Rochelle, 3 January 1942.C17059064
AIR81/11336Sapper M J O'Brien (Royal Canadian Engineers), Sapper D Fletcher (Royal Canadian Engineers): killed; Sergeant J G Lloyd, Sapper E C McDonald (Royal Canadian Engineers): injured; Spitfire BL266, 129 Squadron; aircraft crashed into a lorry whilst landing at RAF West Hampnett, 2 January 1942.C17059065
AIR81/11337Sergeant J Metherall (RAAF): injured; Hurricane Z4957, 238 Squadron; enemy action near Sollum, Egypt, 1 January 1942.C17059066
AIR81/11338Flight Lieutenant C J Callingham, Flight Lieutenant D A Messiter: injured; Hudson V9165, 30 Maintenance Unit; aircraft accident at RAF Sealand, 3 January 1942.C17059067
AIR81/11339Wing Commander P S Salter; injured; Typhoon R7579, Central Flying School Handling Flight; aircraft accident at RAF Boscombe Down, 2 January 1942.C17059068
AIR81/11340Leading Aircraftsman M Gmiter (Polish): killed; Oxford L9699, 3 Service Flying Training School; aircraft accident at Shorncote, 3 January 1942.C17059069
AIR81/11341Sergeant H H Griffiths (RAAF); injured; Buffalo AN211, 453 Squadron; aircraft accident at Great Durian Island near Singapore, 3 Janaury 1942.C17059070
AIR81/11342Pilot Officer R E Sellar: missing believed killed; Hurricane Z4968, 238 Squadron; aircraft shot down, aerial combat near Gambut, Libya, 23 November 1941.C17059071
AIR81/11343Leading Aircraftsman J R Tomlinson: killed; Hurricane L1695, 5 Service Flying Training School; aircraft accident at Eaton Constantine, 3 January 1942.C17059072
AIR81/11344Leading Aircraftsman L Harrop: injured; 17 Wireless Unit; enemy action in Libya, 2 January 1942.C17059073
AIR81/11345Flight Lieutenant N D Lancaster, Flight Sergeant J W C Bowie, Flight Sergeant W W Martin: missing believed killed; Blenheim L1414, 62 Squadron; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over Kluang, Johore, Malaya, 1 January 1942; Flying Officer G W Haigh, Flying Officer F Martin, Pilot Officer E Crompton (RAAF): missing believed killed; Blenheim L8440, 62 Squadron; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over Kluang, Johore, Malaya, 1 January 1942.C17059074
AIR81/11346Pilot Officer A J W Froggatt, Sergeant J Prentice, Sergeant D W Young: killed; Blenheim T2226, 11 Squadron; aircraft shot down near Cyrenaica, Libya, aerial combat, 1 January 1942.C17059075
AIR81/11347Sergeant D Johnston (RCAF), Sergeant V E Shirley, Sergeant E C Smith, Pilot Officer K Blyth, Sergeant A Attwell (RCAF): injured; Whitley Z6656, 78 Squadron; aircraft crashed near Sear House Reservoir on return from an operational flight, 3 January 1942.C17059076

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