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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/4992Sergeant F N Scott, Sergeant W Caton: injured; Sergeant F C C Fry: uninjured; aircraft accident, Blenheim T2287, 13 Operational Training Unit, 3 February 1941. Note: Related file: 5651C16689090
AIR81/5092Pilot Officer P R Mildren: killed; shot down and crashed at Cape Griz Nez, enemy action, Spitfire P7520, 66 Squadron, 11 February 1941. Note: Related files: 4956, 4964C16689190
AIR81/5192Sergeant I K Arber: injured; aircraft accident, Hurricane W9229, 615 Squadron, 21 February 1941. Note: Related files: 4952, 4956C16689290
AIR81/5292Sergeant E Featherstone: killed; enemy action at RAF Benson, 12 Operational Training Unit, 27 February 1941. Note: Related file: 5017C16689390
AIR81/5392Pilot Officer A D Thomas, Sergeant L Mitchell, Sergeant J W Bolton, Sergeant H H D Cox, Corporal J F W Dunn: killed; Sergeant R H Jacobs, Leading Aircraftman J A Casey: injured; aircraft accident, Wellington T3239, 37 Squadron, 7 March 1941. Note: Related file 5633C16689490
AIR81/5492Flight Lieutenant H A Smith: killed; aircraft accident, Magister V1065, Headquarters Service Ferry Pool, 20 March 1941. Note: Related files: 4952, 4964C16689590
AIR81/5592Pilot Officer H J Craig, Leading Airman G J B Kendall (Royal Navy): killed; aircraft accident, Battle K7472, 1 Flying Training School, 27 March 1941. Note: Related file: 5021C16689690
AIR81/5692Sergeant N A Geer, Sergeant A V M Farns, Sergeant W W Fox: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight off coast of Denmark, Blenheim L9270, 82 Squadron, 4 April 1941.C16689790
AIR81/5792Flight Sergeant E P C Vignaux, Sergeant R S Browning, Sergeant E J Cook: killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Derna, Libya, Blenheim T2381, 55 Squadron, 8 April 1941.C16755090
AIR81/5892Pilot Officer B Mierzwa (Polish): killed; shot down, aerial combat at Dungeness, Spitfire P7819, 303 Squadron, 16 April 1941.C16755190
AIR81/5920Pilot Officer W L Boon, Sergeant E Pocock, Sergeant J S Bools, Sergeant A F Tweed, Sergeant P J Church: killed; aircraft shot down and crashed near Schonefeld, Germany, Whitley T4338, 77 Squadron, 18 April 1941.C16755218
AIR81/5921Aircraftman G M Endsor: killed; Aircraftman H Duxbury: injured; ground crew accident at 6 Anti Air Co-operation Unit, RAF Ringway, 18 April 1941.C16755219
AIR81/5922Pilot Officer J K Hill, Sergeant J T Lamb, Sergeant S Wright, Sergeant F H Erdwin: killed; aircraft crashed on return from operational flight over Berlin, Germany, Hampden AD730, 50 Squadron, 18 April 1941.C16755220
AIR81/5923Sergeant J Proctor, Leading Aircraftman F Taylor: killed; aircraft accident, Master N7823, 5 Service Flying Training School, 18 April 1941.C16755221
AIR81/5924Pilot Officer T M Couper, Sergeant D MacLean: killed; Sergeant R Wanek: injured; aircraft accident, Wellington P9300, 12 Operational Training Unit, 18 April 1941.C16755222
AIR81/5925Flying Officer M S Ferguson, Lieutenant A Pettigrew (Royal Navy), Sergeant J W Turner (RAAF): missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight off coast of Libya, Blenheim V5423, 55 Squadron, 1 April 1941.C16755223
AIR81/5926Pilot Officer J A Caldwell: injured; Pilot Officer R F J Featherstone, Sergeant G H Edmondson, Sergeant B Petridges, Sergeant H V Lambourne: uninjured; aircraft accident, Hampden AD850, 16 Operational Training Unit, 18 April 1941.C16755224
AIR81/5927Sergeant R D C Stark, Sergeant F W Baker, Sergeant J W Nightingale, Flight Sergeant G Gibb, Sergeant J E Johnson, Sergeant H Q Hurt: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Berlin, Germany, Wellington T2900, 9 Squadron, 18 April 1941.C16755225
AIR81/5928Sergeant H W Wright, Sergeant N E T Kendall, Flight Sergeant G S Cornwall: killed; aircraft crashed on take off for operational flight, Blenheim R2787, 110 Squadron, 18 April 1941.C16755226
AIR81/5929Sergeant N J Griffin: killed; Sergeant K N Jenner, Sergeant H Jordan, Sergeant T H Bagnell, Sergeant C D Noble, Sergeant A Macaskill: injured; aircraft crashed on return from operational flight, Wellington R1331, 40 Squadron, 18 April 1941.C16755227
AIR81/5992Pilot Officer E Procyk (Polish), Aircraftman K Robins, Aircraftman K Beevers, Aircraftman K R Moore: killed; Flight Sergeant M E Price: injured; aircraft accident, Harrow K7015, 271 Squadron, 20 April 1941.C16755290
AIR81/6092Leading Aircraftman F W Morrison: killed; aircraft accident, Master N7511, 8 Service Flying Training School, 27 April 1941.C16755390
AIR81/6192Pilot Officer L F C Mayer: killed; aircraft accident, Blenheim L6786, 54 Operational Training Unit, 1 May 1941.C16755490
AIR81/6292Sergeant E J Staerk: injured; aircraft accident, Hurricane P3116, 607 Squadron, 7 May 1941.C16755590
AIR81/6392Sergeant K B Martin: killed; Sergeant R D Hesketh, Sergeant J E Robbins: injured; Pilot Officer R M Smith, Sergeant C S Bowers, Sergeant F G E Ison: uninjured; enemy action when returning from operational flight over Hamburg, Wellington T2911, 40 Squadron, 12 May 1941.C16755690
AIR81/6492Sergeant W H Dooer: injured; aircraft accident, Spitfire P8373, 74 Squadron, 17 May 1941.C16755790
AIR81/6592Corporal L Branton: injured; aircraft accident, Oxford N4641, 11 Service Flying Training School, 22 May 1941.C16755889
AIR81/6692Leading Aircraftman R E Naunton: injured; Leading Aircraftman G C Sellery: uninjured; aircraft accident, Whitley Z6660, 58 Squadron, 31 May 1941.C16755989
AIR81/6792Sergeant D R Simm, Sergeant J S Tomkinson, Pilot Officer A V Snelling, Flight Sergeant G Billing, Sergeant J B Stevens: killed; aircraft crashed on return from operational flight, Whitley Z6571, 78 Squadron, 9 June 1941.C16756089
AIR81/6892Pilot Officer J Grzech (Polish): injured; mid air collision with Hurricane V6991; Hurricane V6958, 316 Squadron, 13 June 1941.C16756189
AIR81/6920Sergeant D Jones: killed; aircraft accident, Spitfire X4680, 123 Squadron, 15 June 1941.C16756217
AIR81/6921Leading Aircraftman G E Gray: injured; aircraft accident, Proctor P6275, 1 Signals School, 15 June 1941.C16756218
AIR81/6922Pilot Officer R J Burleigh: killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over the French coast, Spitfire W3111, 603 Squadron, 7 June 1941. With identity disc.C16756219
AIR81/6923Flying Officer G E Goodman: killed; shot down, aerial combat near Gazala, Libya, Hurricane Z4507, 73 Squadron, 14 June 1941.C16756220
AIR81/6924Pilot Officer C F Starkey: killed; Sergeant L C Dowse, Sergeant F B Duffield: prisoners of war; aircraft failed to return from a reconnaissance flight over the Norwegian coast, Blenheim V5887, 114 Squadron, 15 June 1941. With identity disc.C16756221
AIR81/6925Pilot Officer J D Gardiner, Leading Aircraftman V G Carpenter, Leading Aircraftman W C Corner, Leading Aircraftman G S Harris, Leading Aircraftman D R Carter, Leading Aircraftman C Covus: injured; aircraft accident, Whitley T4163, 7 Bombing and Gunnery School, 15 June 1941.C16756222
AIR81/6926Flight Sergeant A E Guesford, Sergeant L P C Rolfe: killed; Sergeant C F Shearn: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over enemy territory, Blenheim V6375, 110 Squadron, 15 June 1941.C16756223
AIR81/6927Flying Officer P H Watts: missing believed killed; Sergeant D D Milroy, Sergeant P Murray: killed; aircraft shot down during operational flight over the Dutch coast, Blenheim V6319, 105 Squadron, 15 June 1941.C16756224
AIR81/6928Pilot Officer J Lea (RAAF), Sergeant A S F Jones, Sergeant W G Ferguson: killed; aircraft crashed during operational flight over Beirut, Syria, Blenheim Z5891, 11 Squadron, 13 June 1941.C16756225
AIR81/6929Ensign D A Eldred (United States Navy Air Corps): missing believed killed; aircraft accident, 23 August 1941; Lieutenant Hendricks (United States Army Air Corps): killed; aircraft accident, 28 July 1941; Lieutenant F Bradley (United States Army Air Corps): killed; aircraft accident, 22 June 1941; First Officer (Air Transport Auxiliary) W N Estes: killed; aircraft accident, 26 June 1941.C16756226
AIR81/6992Pilot Officer S J Hill: killed; shot down, aerial combat near Dover, Spitfire W3211, 609 Squadron, 18 June 1941.C16756289
AIR81/7092Pilot Officer E Hewson, Sergeant A R Dawson, Sergeant W C McCorkell: prisoners of war; aircraft crashed over Bay of Biscay, Blenheim V6125, 52 Squadron, 22 June 1941.C16756389
AIR81/7192Leading Aircraftman A J Williams: injured; aircraft accident, Oxford N4846, 3 Service Flying Training School, 27 June 1941.C16756489
AIR81/7292Pilot Officer A R Preston: killed; aircraft accident, Spitfire X4318, 58 Operational Training Unit, 1 July 1941.C16756589
AIR81/7392Sergeant J White: killed; Sergeant J Burns, Sergeant Kirkpatrick: injured; aerial combat over Aleppo, Syria, enemy action, Blenheim V6503, 45 Squadron, 4 July 1941.C16756689
AIR81/7492Pilot Officer N G Baxter: killed; crashed at Equinb-Sur-Baillons, France, Spitfire W3169, 54 Squadron, 9 July 1941.C16756789
AIR81/7592Multiple casualties: enemy action at RAF Staverton, 12 July 1941. With photographs.C16756889
AIR81/7692Sergeant L Maguire, Sergeant E R Bangor-Jones, Sergeant J R L Haskins: injured; aircraft force landed on Goodwin Sands, aerial combat, Blenheim V6369, 21 Squadron, 18 July 1941.C16756989
AIR81/7792Sergeant J Bryant, Sergeant M Thompson, Sergeant D Phillip: interned; aircraft crashed near Cape Finisterre, Spain, Blenheim Z6453, Overseas Air Movement Control Unit, 20 June 1941.C16757089
AIR81/7892Flight Lieutenant A D Jackson, Sergeant L R Burgan, Sergeant R J Bramley, Sergeant A Hughes, Second Lieutenant Helat, Sergeant Laverdet, Lieutenant Baessonas, Lieutenant Stewart: injured; aircraft accident near RAF Newmarket, Whitley Z6727, 1419 Flight, 25 July 1941.C16757189

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