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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/997Airmen missing during evacuation of British Expeditionary Force (BEF) from France on or about 25 June 1940.C14502448
AIR81/998Sergeant A J D Ingram, Sergeant E H Turner, Sergeant W T J Southey and Acting Wing Commander N D Crockart: report of deaths; Hampden P1329 crashed at sea off the coast of the Netherlands, 27 June 1940.C14502449
AIR81/999Sergeant K E Murray, Sergeant D C Hawkins and Pilot Officer J P Quirke: prisoners of war; Blenheim L9467 crashed near St Omer, France, 30 June 1940.C14502450
AIR81/1000Sergeant R H Knott, Sergeant J D Barber and Leading Aircraftman J P Toner: missing presumed dead; Blenheim L8522 crashed near Tobruk, Libya, 29 June 1940.C14502585
AIR81/1001Sergeant A Reed and Pilot Officer P Sismen: report of deaths; Blenheim L1376 in air operations, 1 July 1940.C14502840
AIR81/1002Sergeant G E Little, Sergeant O S Gander, Pilot Officer D Redmayne and Sergeant C Lee: report of deaths; Hampden P1171 crashed at Kiel, Germany, 2 July 1940. Note: With photographsC14502841
AIR81/1003Sergeant D Leishman, Sergeant H E A Craven, Flying Officer L H McFarlane and Pilot Officer C J T Jones: report of deaths. Warrant Officer J P Caldwell: prisoner of war; Whitley N1461 crashed at Kiel, Germany, 2 July 1940. Note: With photographsC14502842
AIR81/1004Sergeant B Poskitt and Leading Aircraftman L P Jepp: missing presumed dead; Wellesley L2694 failed to return from an operational flight over Italian East Africa, 30 June 1940.C14502843
AIR81/1005Sergeant R J McAllister, Sergeant H Histon and Squadron Leader H F Chester: report of deaths; Blenheim P6895 crashed near Veenhuizen, The Netherlands, 2 July 1940. Note: With photographsC14502844
AIR81/1006Sergeant J W Davidson and Pilot Officer C G Bush: report of deaths; Wellesley K7777 crashed at Gallabat, Sudan, 2 July 1940.C14502845
AIR81/1007Pilot Officer H M Selwyn: missing believed prisoner of war; bailed out of Whitley P4972 after being damaged by enemy action over North West Germany, 3 July 1940.C14502846
AIR81/1008Sergeant A Baird, Sergeant E T Apperson and Pilot Officer D A Todd: missing presumed dead. Acting Flight Lieutenant W S Bull: report of death; Hampden P4352 in air operations over the Danish Coast, 4 July 1940.C14502847
AIR81/1009Leading Aircraftman W H Higgins: report of death; Blenheim L9314 crashed at Prunieres, France, 18 June 1940.C14502848
AIR81/1010Aircraftman 2nd Class E Pickford: report of death; Blenheim L9318 failed to arrive whilst on a delivery flight to the Middle East, 18 June 1940.C14502849
AIR81/1011Sergeant M Field and Sergeant D Murrie: report of deaths; Blenheim L9318 failed to arrive whilst on a delivery flight to the Middle East, 18 June 1940.C14502850
AIR81/1012Sergeant G C Sumner, Leading Aircraftman J L Williamson, Sergeant G H Goldsmith and Pilot Officer S R Henderson: missing presumed dead; Hudson N7368 failed to return from an operational flight over the North Sea, 4 July 1940.C14502851
AIR81/1013Leading Aircraftman K E Lewis, Leading Aircraftman K S Bushell, Pilot Officer J E MacKinnon and Pilot Officer S J Lester: missing presumed dead; Hudson P5162 failed to return from air operations over the North Sea, 4 July 1940.C14502852
AIR81/1014Sergeant E I Lewis: report of death; Spitfire N3294 in air operations, 4 July 1940.C14502853
AIR81/1015Acting Flying Officer C S Pyne: injured; Sunderland P9621 in air operations over Algiers, 4 July 1940.C14502854
AIR81/1016Sergeant A I J Nicol, Sergeant P F Bailey, Pilot Officer J H Gilling and Flying Officer E B Lancaster: report of deaths; Hampden P4361 crashed at Russee, Germany, 4 July 1940. Note: With photographsC14502855
AIR81/1017Aircraftman 2nd Class A Tolley, Aircraftman 2nd Class P A Mitchell, Aircraftman 2nd Class J Meadowcraft and Sergeant J Derbyshire: injured in enemy bombing, RAF Driffield, 4 July 1940.C14502856
AIR81/1018Sergeant G Rimmer, Sergeant R J S Ellicott and Pilot Officer A Stewart: report of deaths; Blenheim R3804 crashed at Senden, Germany, 5 July 1940. Note: With photographsC14502857
AIR81/1019Sergeant R M Livermore, Wing Commander J H Hargroves and Sergeant E W Smith: report of deaths; Blenheim N6140, crashed off the Island of Sylt, Germany, 5 July 1940.C14502858
AIR81/1020Sergeant R B Murgatroyd: report of death. Pilot Officer L H Kay and Pilot Officer I R McDiarmid: uninjured; Wellington L7786 hit by anti-aircraft fire during air operations, 6 July 1940.C14502859
AIR81/1021Flight Lieutenant A M Bentley: injured. Sergeant J F Taylor: report of death; Blenheim L8529 in air operations near the Libyan border, 5 July 1940.C14502860
AIR81/1022Flight Lieutenant W Riley and Flying Officer C B Hull: injured; cause unknown, possibly linked to the sinking of HMS Glorious, 16 June 1940.C14502861
AIR81/1023Pilot Officer D K Milne: missing presumed dead; Spitfire P9449 in air operations over Rouen, France, 5 July 1940.C14502862
AIR81/1024Sergeant R W Willis: injured; Hudson N7358 in air operations off the coast of Norway, 6 July 1940.C14502863
AIR81/1025Sergeant B L Trayhurn and Flying Officer S G Soderholm: missing presumed dead. Sergeant J C Dawson: report of death; Wellesley L2652 in air operations, Eritrea, 3 July 1940.C14502864
AIR81/1026Sergeant G F Sexton: report of death. Sergeant K A R MacArthur, Sergeant C J Scanlon, Pilot Officer J W P Perkins and Pilot Officer R A G Willis: prisoners of war; Wellington R3170 crashed at Haarlem, The Netherlands, 5-6 July 1940.C14502892
AIR81/1027Sergeant R J Fisk, Sergeant J Gilmour and Pilot Officer B A Davidson: prisoners of war; Blenheim R3662 crashed at Sangatte near Calais, France, 6 July 1940.C14502893
AIR81/1028Sergeant A Glen, Sergeant A Aitken, Sergeant J H Waterfall, Flying Officer D W Lindsay and Pilot Officer R A A Ball: report of deaths; Wellington R3236 crashed near Jever, Germany, 7 July 1940.C14502894
AIR81/1029Sergeant L Askham, Sergeant S Fieldhouse, Sergeant J Fisk, Pilot Officer J M Lewis and Pilot Officer D F M MacKarness: prisoners of war; Whitley N1523 force landed north of Kiel, Germany, 7 July 1940. Death of Flight Lieutenant J M Lewis whilst a prisonerof war, 18 August 1943.C14502895
AIR81/1030Acting Sergeant R D McLaren: injured. Pilot Officer V J Pattison: report of death; Blenheim P6950 in air operations off the coast of Norway, 6 July 1940.C14502896
AIR81/1031Acting Sergeant R A McVeigh: report of death; Blenheim L8842 in air operations, 6 July 1940.C14502897
AIR81/1032Flying Officer D A P McMullen: injured; Spitfire P9389 in air operations, 7 July 1940.C14502898
AIR81/1033Pilot Officer A R McL Campbell: injured; Spitfire R6711 in air operations, 7 July 1940.C14502899
AIR81/1034Pilot Officer E J Coleman: injured; Spitfire P9390 in air operations, 7 July 1940.C14502900
AIR81/1035Sergeant F Hutton, Sergeant J A Rogers and Sergeant C W Pickering: report of deaths; Blenheim P4843 crashed at Dusseldorf, Germany, 7 July 1940.C14502901
AIR81/1036Squadron Leader J D C Joslin: report of death; Hurricane P2756 in air operations, 7 July 1940.C14502902
AIR81/1037Sergeant P S Hayes: missing presumed dead; Spitfire P6609 in air operations, 7 July 1940.C14502903
AIR81/1038Flying Officer G V Proudman: missing presumed dead; Spitfire R6615 in air operations; 7 July 1940.C14502904
AIR81/1039Pilot Officer N J Brisbane: missing presumed dead; Spitfire N3129 in air operations, 7 July 1940.C14502905
AIR81/1040Pilot Officer J Eadie: report of death. Sergeant E V Gawith, Sergeant K B Wood and Flight Lieutenant E C S Fewtrell: prisoners of war; Hampden P4390 crashed at Bentheim, Germany, 8 July 1940.C14502906
AIR81/1041Sergeant L Howard, Sergeant B Kinton, Sergeant C R Hallett and Pilot Officer O H Launders: report of deaths; Hampden L4066 crashed near Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, 8 July 1940.C14502907
AIR81/1042Squadron Leader D Cooke: missing presumed dead; Spitfire K9907 in air operations, 8 July 1940.C14502908
AIR81/1043Flying Officer E W Mitchell: report of death; Hurricane P3461 in air operations, 8 July 1940.C14502909
AIR81/1044Pilot Officer J E R Wood: report of death; Hurricane N2984 in air operations, 8 July 1940.C14502910
AIR81/1045Sergeant D Haywood and Sergeant J R A Jones: injured; forced landing in France, 13 June 1940.C14502911
AIR81/1046Pilot Officer A L B Raven: missing presumed dead; Spitfire L1075 in air operations, 8 July 1940.C14502912

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