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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/1047Sergeant P R Donaldson, Sergeant J P Atkinson, Aircraftman 1st Class A G W Miller, Flight Lieutenant D A Ffrench-Mullen and Pilot Officer W A K Carr: prisoners of war; Whitley N1496 force landed at Heligoland Bight, Germany, 9 July 1940.C14502913
AIR81/1048Sergeant S J Newcombe, Sergeant F G Mills and Sergeant T J Jervis: missing presumed dead; Blenheim R3847 in air operations over Stavanger Aerodrome, Norway, 9 July 1940.C14502914
AIR81/1049Sergeant C D Stevens and Sergeant J Morton: missing presumed dead. Sergeant J B M Brown: report of death; Blenheim R3876 crashed into the sea near Stavanger, Norway, 9 July 1940.C14502915
AIR81/1050Acting Flight Lieutenant J R D Hird, Sergeant Hudspeth and Sergeant T M M Galewski: injured: Blenheim R3608 in air operations, 9 July 1940.C14502916
AIR81/1051Sergeant J G Andrew, Sergeant G A Miles and Flying Officer R A Hopkinson missing presumed dead; Blenheim R3750 failed to return from air operations over Stavanger, Norway, 9 July 1940.C14502917
AIR81/1052Sergeant P E Johnson and Sergeant A Spencer: missing presumed dead. Squadron Leader R H Batt: report of death; Blenheim L8836 failed to return from air operations over France, 9 July 1940.C14502918
AIR81/1053Sergeant G E Duck, Sergeant J W Hartley and Flight Lieutenant J D W Murray: missing presumed dead; Blenheim L8872 in air operations over Sola Aerodrome, Stavanger, Norway, 9 July 1940.C14502665
AIR81/1054Sergeant J B Dorrington, Sergeant W L Rawson and Pilot Officer W D Mackley: missing presumed dead; Blenheim R3619 in air operations over Sola Aerodrome, Stavanger, Norway, 9 July 1940.C14502666
AIR81/1055Pilot Officer J W Garton: report of death; Spitfire G6705 in air operations, 9 July 1940.C14502667
AIR81/1056Flight Lieutenant H H A Ironside: injured; Hurricane P3309 in air operations, 9 July 1940.C14502668
AIR81/1057Sergeant C J Burt and Sergeant A T Summers: missing presumed dead. Wing Commander L C Bennett: report of death; Blenheim R3732 failed to return from air operations over Sola Aerodrome, Stavanger, Norway, 9 July 1940.C14502669
AIR81/1058Squadron Leader C G Lott: injured; Hurricane P3464 in air operations, 9 July 1940.C14502670
AIR81/1059Pilot Officer G D Goldsmith-Jones and Flying Officer B P H Page: report of deaths; enemy air raid on Penrhos, Wales, 9 July 1940.C14502671
AIR81/1060Sergeant W Hamlyn, Sergeant E Williams and Pilot Officer J A Heath-Brown: missing presumed dead; Blenheim R3822 in air operations over Sola Aerodrome, Stavanger, Norway, 9 July 1940.C14502672
AIR81/1061Flying Officer P Drummond-Hay: missing presumed dead; Spitfire R6637 in air operations, 9 July 1940.C14502673
AIR81/1062Sergeant L E Worthington, Leading Aircraftman J H Lane, Aircraftman 1st Class J B Belderson, Aircraftman 1st Class P Clark, Pilot Officer D M Harry, Flight Lieutenant J D Middleton, Pilot Officer J Seeds, Leading Aircraftman R H F Hammond, Leading Aircraftman M J E Jarvis and Leading Aircraftman J F Hindle: missing presumed dead; Sunderland N6133 in operations over North Sea, 9 July 1940.C14502674
AIR81/1063Sergeant R G Ireland, Sergeant D C Sinclair, Pilot Officer R M Buchanan and Pilot Officer J E Ewing: missing presumed dead; Hudson N7377 in air operations over the North Sea, 9 July 1940.C14502675
AIR81/1064Pilot Officer S J A Evershed: missing presumed dead; Spitfire L1093 in air operations, 9 July 1940.C14502676
AIR81/1065Pilot Officer A D Hopkin, Sergeant T J Rowles and Sergeant J W Falconer missing presumed dead; Blenheim R3637 failed to return from air operations, 10 July 1940.C14502677
AIR81/1066Sergeant R C Christie: report of death; Hudson P5159 in air operations over the North Sea, 10 July 1940.C14502678
AIR81/1067Sergeant G A Allison, Sergeant G C G Hawkins and Sergeant S L Bain: prisoners of war; Blenheim R3606 force landed near Amiens, France, 10 July 1940. Death of Warrant Officer G C G Hawkins whilst a prisoner of war, 19 April 1945.C14502679
AIR81/1068Sergeant R W Lonsdale: missing, later reported as safe. Sergeant B R George and Pilot Officer J P North-Lewis: prisoners of war; Blenheim R3916 crashed near Amiens, France, 10 July 1940.C14502680
AIR81/1069Flying Officer T P K Higgs: report of death; Hurricane P3671 crashed into the sea off Dungeness, Kent, 10 July 1940.C14502681
AIR81/1070Sergeant R D Cook, Sergeant R Mercer and Pilot Officer H L Atkin-Berry: report of deaths; Blenheim P9468 crashed at Aigneville, France, 10 July 1940.C14502682
AIR81/1071Sergeant S M Wood, Sergeant G T Drew and Pilot Officer E A Wray: missing presumed dead; Blenheim R3815 failed to return from air operations over France, 10 July 1940.C14502683
AIR81/1072Sergeant G T Truscott, Pilot Officer T W Maslin and Sergeant S E Hinton: report of deaths; Blenheim P6894 crashed at Cauillon, France, 10 July 1940. Note: With identity discs and photographC14502684
AIR81/1073Aircraftman 1st Class H A A Hartill and Corporal C Shaw: missing, later reported as safe. Corporal J A Jordan, Leading Aircraftman L T Hine, Aircraftman 1st Class H Wilson and Leading Aircraftman L H Edwards: prisoners of war; enemy air attack on medical convoy between Abbeville and Rue, France, 20 May 1940.C14502685
AIR81/1074Sergeant F J P Dixon: report of death; Hurricane N2485 crashed at sea, south of Portland Bill, 11 July 1940.C14502686
AIR81/1075Pilot Officer G T M Mitchell: report of death; Spitfire L1095 failed to return from air operations, south of Portland Bill, 11 July 1940.C14502687
AIR81/1076Pilot Officer J H T Palmer, Sergeant K Howard and Sergeant K W J Farley: prisoners of war; Blenheim R3690, force landed near St Omer, France on 11 July 1940.C14502809
AIR81/1077Acting Flight Lieutenant P H Barran: report of death; Spitfire L1069 crashed at sea, south of Portland Bill, 11 July 1940.C14502810
AIR81/1078Sergeant A W Woolley: injured; Hurricane P3681 crashed on the Isle of Wight, 11 July 1940.C14502811
AIR81/1079Pilot Officer R M Walker: injured in air operations, 19 May 1940.C14502812
AIR81/1080Flying Officer C W S Thomas: injured; Blenheim in air operations, 9 May 1940.C14502813
AIR81/1081Pilot Officer D J Looker: injured in air operations, 15 May 1940.C14502814
AIR81/1082Flying Officer H M Robertson: injured in air operations, 25 May 1940.C14502815
AIR81/1083Sergeant W C H Style, Corporal J Clark and Leading Aircraftman W Crossland: missing presumed dead; Wellesley L2641 failed to return from air operations over Asmara, Eritrea, 16 July 1940.C14502816
AIR81/1084Pilot Officer R D Westlake: injured in air operations, 6 June 1940.C14502817
AIR81/1085Pilot Officer G W Spiers: injured in air operations, 1 June 1940.C14502818
AIR81/1086Pilot Officer L G Peace: injured in air operations, 10 May 1940.C14502819
AIR81/1087Pilot Officer B M Denny: injured in air operations, 7 June 1940.C14502820
AIR81/1088Pilot Officer J M Derbyshire: injured in air operations, 19 May 1940.C14502821
AIR81/1089Pilot Officer J A Dixon: injured in air operations, 16 June 1940.C14502822
AIR81/1090Squadron Leader J H Hill: injured in air operations, 19 May 1940.C14502823
AIR81/1091Pilot Officer R M Taylor: injured in air operations, 18 May 1940.C14502824
AIR81/1092Pilot Officer A R Mathias, Flying Officer A W A Whitehead and Aircraftman 1st Class W C Hubbard: report of deaths. Sergeant H W J Smith: prisoner of war; Anson N5220 crashed near Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 11 July 1940.C14502825
AIR81/1093Flying Officer W E Gore: injured in air operations, 12 May 1940.C14502826
AIR81/1094Sergeant A J Hollist: injured; Blenheim R3901 in air operations, 10 July 1940.C14502827
AIR81/1095Pilot Officer I M Hossack, Sergeant E B H France, Sergeant E D Leamy and Sergeant C Rose: report of deaths; Hampden P4366 crashed at Sevenum, The Netherlands, 11 July 1940.C14502828
AIR81/1096Pilot Officer W Carter: injured in air operations, 27 May 1940.C14502829

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