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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/3232Pilot Officer D R Strachan: injured; aircraft accident, near Settle, Skua 2629, 4 Ferry Pilots Pool, 12 September 1940.C16472647
AIR81/3233Leading Aircraftman F R Webley: killed; Flying Officer R B Cleaver: injured; aircraft accident, Daudiya, Iraq, mid-air collision between Audax 7517 and Audax 7523, 4 Service Flying Training School, 12 September 1940.C16472648
AIR81/3234Leading Aircraftman R St C N Lovemore: killed; Sergeant S Braybrooks: injured; aircraft accident, Daudiya, Iraq, mid-air collision between Audax 7517 and Audax 7523, 4 Service Flying Training School, 12 September 1940.C16472649
AIR81/3235Sergeant A E Happell: killed; aircraft accident, Laurence Kirk, Master N7879, 8 Service Flying Training School, 12 September 1940.C16472650
AIR81/3236Sergeant M H Sprague: missing believed killed; enemy action, Spitfire N3282, 602 Squadron, 12 September 1940.C16472651
AIR81/3237Sergeant A Wojcicki: missing believed killed; lost at sea, Hurricane W6667, 213 Squadron, 11 September 1940.C16472652
AIR81/3238Sergeant R A Jooris, Sergeant L G Mitchell, Sergeant H E M Long: killed; aircraft accident, Cadeleigh, Battle N2148, 12 Operational Training Unit, 12 September 1940.C16472653
AIR81/3239Flight Lieutenant R F Rimmer: injured; aerial combat, Hurricane P3463, 229 Squadron, 11 September 1940.C16472654
AIR81/3240Flight Lieutenant J E J Sing: injured; shot down, baled out at sea, Hurricane P3780, 213 Squadron, 11 September 1940.C16472655
AIR81/3241Pilot Officer S N Rose: injured; enemy action, Spitfire L1027, 602 Squadron, 11 September 1940.C16472531
AIR81/3242Pilot Officer A W Clarke: missing believed killed; enemy action, Hurricane P3770, 504 Squadron, 11 September 1940.C16472532
AIR81/3243Pilot Officer H Steel, Pilot Officer P S Bensted, Pilot Officer A O'N Wilcox, Sergeant J Goddard, Leading Aircraftman E Richards: missing believed drowned; aircraft accident, at sea, Anson K6262, School of Air Navigation, 12 September 1940.C16472533
AIR81/3244Leading Aircraftman D L Petrie: injured; aircraft accident, Audax 7328, 9 Service Flying Training School, 13 September 1940.C16472534
AIR81/3245Aircraftman H N Kingdom: killed; Flight Sergeant L F East, Sergeant Steel, Sergeant H J Dowling, Sergeant L G Smith, Sergeant D H Gilbert, Aircraftman D M Clark, Sergeant E A Hodges: uninjured; aircraft accident, RAF St Neots, Whitley P4997, 10 Operational Training Unit, 12 September 1940.C16472535
AIR81/3246Sergeant W J Garfield: killed; Sergeant B W Mesner, Sergeant A Kay: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over the Norwegian coast, Blenheim L945, 248 Squadron, 13 September 1940. Note: With photographC16472536
AIR81/3247Flight Lieutenant P L Dakeyne: prisoner of war; baled out, presumed enemy action, Spitfire R6879, Photographic Reconnaissance Unit, 13 September 1940.C16472537
AIR81/3248Sergeant D D S Edgar; killed; aircraft accident, Broxton, Spitfire X4159, 7 Operational Training Unit, 13 September 1940.C16472538
AIR81/3249Aircraftman A A Burgess: killed; enemy action at Oldchurch Hospital whilst recuperating from injuries sustained during air raid at RAF Hornchurch, 14 September 1940.C16472539
AIR81/3250Pilot Officer K M Carver: injured; enemy action, Hurricane N2466, 229 Squadron, 12 September 1940.C16472540
AIR81/3251Naval Airman A J Houston (Royal Navy), Pilot Officer A H Dutton: injured; aircraft accident, Hatfield Aerodrme, Magister T9746, 24 Elementary Flying Training School, 13 September 1940.C16472541
AIR81/3252Sergeant I L MacDonald: killed; aircraft accident, Lunan Bay, Master N8005, 8 Flying Training School, 14 September 1940.C16472542
AIR81/3253Flying Officer A E Hyde-Parker: missing believed killed; enemy action; Spitfire P9453, Photographic Reconnaissance Unit, 14 September 1940.C16472543
AIR81/3254Flying Officer C O Hinks, Pilot Officer N H Strange: killed; aircraft accident, Worth Matravers, Magister P6362, Maintenance Command Headquarters, Technical Training Command, 14 September 1940.C16472544
AIR81/3255Flight Lieutenant D J How, Pilot Officer T H N Lane, Sergeant A A Brooker: killed; Sergeant R C Dickinson: missing believed killed; failed to return from operational flight, Hampden X2922, 61 Squadron, 13 September 1940. Note: With identity discsC16472545
AIR81/3256Sergeant O Yeomans, Pilot Officer P L N Hughes, Sergeant R Hollingshead: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight, Blenheim R2786, 15 Squadron, 14 September 1940.C16472546
AIR81/3257Pilot Officer G M Goodman, Pilot Officer K E Grey, Sergeant R B Shaw: prisoners of war; aircraft force landed on Italian island of Pantelleria, Blenheim N3589, 40 Squadron, 13 September 1940.C16472547
AIR81/3258Sergeant W B Higgins: missing believed killed; enemy action, Hurricane P5183, 253 Squadron, 14 September 1940.C16472548
AIR81/3259Flying Officer H C G Wilcox, Lieutenant Colonel H L Davies: missing found safe; Battle L5343, 98 Squadron, 13 September 1940.C16472549
AIR81/3260Sergeant J J Griffin: injured; baled out, Hurricane L2118, 73 Squadron, 14 September 1940.C16472550
AIR81/3261Sergeant J A Anderson: injured; baled out, enemy action, Hurricane P3804, 253 Squadron, 14 September 1940.C16472551
AIR81/3262Sergeant J J Brimble: missing believed killed; enemy action, Hurricane P2542, 73 Squadron, 14 September 1940.C16472552
AIR81/3263Sergeant S Baxter: killed; enemy action, Spitfire X4275, 222 Squadron, 14 September 1940.C16472553
AIR81/3264Sergeant M E Leng: missing now safe: Hurricane V7446, 73 Squadron, 14 September 1940.C16472554
AIR81/3265Squadron Leader M W S Robinson: injured; enemy action, Hurricane L2039, 73 Squadron, 14 September 1940.C16472555
AIR81/3266Flight Lieutenant R G Ker-Ramsay, Sergeant G Dixon, Sergeant E Byrne: prisoners of war; aircraft crashed in France, Blenheim Z5721, Fighter Interception Unit, Shoreham, 14 September 1940.C16472556
AIR81/3267Flight Lieutenant B MacCallum, Pilot Officer E C Minchington: missing believed killed; Corporal A W Simpson: injured; Leading Aircraftman R F Marshall Hardy, Leading Aircraftman J Graham: uninjured; interned, Casablanca, Vichy French Morocco, London K9682, 202 Squadron, 14 September 1940.C16472602
AIR81/3268Squadron Leader R C S Lister: injured; baled out, enemy combat, Spitfire R6605, 41 Squadron, 14 September 1940.C16472603
AIR81/3269Sergeant T R Tweed: killed; aircraft accident, Boscombe Down, Hurricane P3660, 56 Squadron, 15 September 1940.C16472604
AIR81/3270Pilot Officer A B Payne: injured; Sergeant R B Price: uninjured; aircraft accident, Hawarden, ground collision between Spitfire R6911 and Spitfire K9967, 7 Operational Training Unit, 14 September 1940.C16472605
AIR81/3271Pilot Officer G N Gaunt: killed; shot down, aerial combat, Spitfire R6690, 609 Squadron, 15 September 1940.C16472606
AIR81/3272Sergeant L Pidd: killed; enemy action, Hurricane P2836, 238 Squadron, 15 September 1940.C16472607
AIR81/3273Pilot Officer J V Gurteen: killed; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane N2481, 504 Squadron, 15 September 1940.C16472608
AIR81/3274Sergeant C Taylor, Sergeant J N Russell: killed; aircraft accident, Tattenhall, Master N7456, 5 Service Flying Training School, 15 September 1940.C16472609
AIR81/3275Pilot Officer G A Langley: killed; force landed, enemy action, South Ockendon, Spitfire P9324, 41 Squadron, 15 September 1940.C16472610
AIR81/3276Pilot Officer R A Marchand: killed; shot down, aerial combat, Sittingbourne, Hurricane P3865, 73 Squadron, 15 September 1940.C16472611
AIR81/3277Pilot Officer J I Humphreys: killed; Pilot Officer R Billings, Leading Aircraftman T G Bellas, Aircraftman S Hildreth: injured; aircraft accident, near Thornaby, Hudson N7233, 220 Squadron, 15 September 1940.C16472612
AIR81/3278Flying Officer M Jebb: died of wounds; enemy action, Hurricane N2705, 504 Squadron, 19 September 1940.C16472613
AIR81/3279Flying Officer H M S Lambert, Flying Officer M J Miley, Leading Aircraftman J P Wyatt: killed; aircraft crashed, Layhams Farm near Biggin Hill, Beaufighter 2067, 25 Squadron, 15 September 1940.C16472614
AIR81/3280Sergeant W S Bissett: killed; Pilot Officer A Webster, Sergeant R E Jones, Sergeant H W Neville: uninjured; enemy action, Hampden P4338, 61 Squadron, 14 September 1940.C16472615
AIR81/3281Pilot Officer R A McGowan: injured; shot down, enemy action, Chatham, Hurricane R4182, 151 Squadron, 15 September 1940.C16472616

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