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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/1097Flying Officer J H L Allen: injured in air operations, 24 May 1940.C14502830
AIR81/1098Pilot Officer W Hughes: injured in air operations, 19 May 1940.C14502831
AIR81/1099Flying Officer J H L Allen: missing presumed dead; Hurricane P3275 crashed at sea due to enemy action, 12 July 1940.C14502832
AIR81/1100Pilot Officer C W Howie, Pilot Officer J S Torgalson, Pilot Officer J A Rose, Sergeant J W Craig, Sergeant T C Suggett and Sergeant J V Futcher: report of deaths; Wellington L7805 crashed at Fallende near Rhede, Germany, 12 July 1940. Note: With photographsC14502833
AIR81/1101Sergeant L Isherwood, Sergeant D B Hopes, Sergeant N Emmerson, Sergeant F Young and Sergeant B M Bennett: report of deaths; Whitley N1424 crashed near Berchem, Belgium, 11 July 1940.C14502834
AIR81/1102Sergeant L Jowitt: missing presumed dead; Hurricane P2557 in air operations, 12 July 1940.C14502835
AIR81/1103Personnel of No. 2 Squadron: missing; evacuated from Boulogne, France, 20 May 1940.C14502836
AIR81/1104Pilot Officer D A Hewitt: report of death; Hurricane P3084 crash landed in the English Channel, 12 July 1940.C14502837
AIR81/1105Sergeant F Nelson: report of death. Sergeant G Brixton and Leading Aircraftman J Woods: uninjured; Wellesley K8520 crashed at Massawa, Eritrea, 12 July 1940.C14502838
AIR81/1106Pilot Officer J H Kirton and Sergeant F Feldon: injured; Lysander L4960 in air operations near Sidi Azeiz, Libya, 12 July 1940.C14502839
AIR81/1107Flying Officer J C Kennedy: report of death; Hurricane P2950 crashed following air operations, 13 July 1940.C14502919
AIR81/1108Flying Officer P A Nicholas and Pilot Officer D N Janes: injured; Blenheim L8505 in air operations over Jigjiga (Jijiga), Ethiopia, 13 July 1940.C14502920
AIR81/1109Flying Officer P H Lewis and Sergeant H W Richardson: report of deaths. Sergeant J Newberry: missing presumed dead; Blenheim 3701 crashed at Heligoland Bight, Germany, 13 July 1940.C14502921
AIR81/1110Sergeant D A Adams and Sergeant A Avery: prisoners of war. Sergeant A Evans: report of death; Blenheim 3756 crashed north of Hamburg, Germany, 13 July 1940. Note: With photographsC14502922
AIR81/1111Pilot Officer H C M Bamber, Sergeant G Reid and Sergeant J Holdsworth: report of deaths; Blenheim R3896 crashed into the Bruges-Zeebrugge Canal, Belgium, 7 July 1940.C14502923
AIR81/1112Pilot Officer H A Clark, Sergeant F Clayton and Sergeant D D Morton: report of deaths; Blenheim R3665 crashed into the sea south of Rottingdean, Sussex, 14 July 1940.C14502924
AIR81/1113Pilot Officer D A Lea and Sergeant C F Burt: missing presumed dead; Blenheim K7181 crashed at sea north west of Mersa Matruh, Egypt, 13 July 1940.C14502925
AIR81/1114Pilot Officer G W F Carey, Pilot Officer P K Vartan, Sergeant V G Gent and Sergeant C A Matthews: Hudson N7251 collided with a balloon barrage cable, 14 July 1940.C14502926
AIR81/1115Sergeant J R Cowsill: missing presumed dead; Hurricane N2432 shot down over the English Channel, 13 July 1940.C14502927
AIR81/1116Sergeant D P J Lean: injured in enemy air raid, 13 July 1940.C14502928
AIR81/1117Sergeant J J Whitfield: missing presumed dead; Hurricane P2922 in air operations, 13 July 1940.C14502929
AIR81/1118Pilot Officer L D Sandes and Sergeant G S Gates: uninjured. Sergeant C W West: injured; Blenheim L8791 in air operations, 14 July 1940.C14502930
AIR81/1119Pilot Officer M R Mudie: report of death; Hurricane L1584 crashed at sea off Dover, 15 July 1940.C14502931
AIR81/1120Flying Officer A D Panton and Sergeant A E Farrow: prisoners of war. Sergeant L H Stride: report of death; Blenheim N3551 force landed near Ghent, Belgium, 14 July 1940.C14502932
AIR81/1121Sergeant J F MacCauley, Sergeant C E Read, Sergeant S C Kirkbride: report of deaths. Sergeant G J W Grimson and Sergeant T Johnson: prisoners of war; Wellington L7792 crashed at Beckedorf, Germany, 14 July 1940. Sergeant G J W Grimson later reclassified as missing presumed dead after several attempts to escape. Note: With photographsC14502933
AIR81/1122Flying Officer M F H Fox, Sergeant H F A Nicholas and Temporary Sergeant M Kline: report of deaths; Blenheim L4820 in air operations, 15 July 1940.C14502934
AIR81/1123Corporal A L Cartwright: prisoner of war; captured during evacuation from the British Expeditionary Force (BEF), 19 June 1940.C14502935
AIR81/1124Leading Aircraftman J L Walker: injured; attack by enemy aircraft, France, 11 May 1940.C14502936
AIR81/1125Flight Lieutenant P G Keeble: report of death; Hurricane P2623 crashed near Luqa, Malta, 16 July 1940.C14502937
AIR81/1126Sergeant A St J Bunker, Sergeant P R Harris and Sergeant J F Hatch: report of deaths; Blenheim P6933 failed to return from air operations, 16 July 1940. Note: With photographC14502938
AIR81/1127Sergeant R C Beale, Sergeant H J F Tutt and Corporal D B Carter: report of deaths; Battle L5524 crashed at Merey, France, 13 June 1940.C14502939
AIR81/1128Aircraftman 2nd Class E J Bray: report of death in action in France, 25 May 1940.C14502940
AIR81/1129Aircraftman 2nd Class H K Clayton: interned, later reported as safe, 23 May 1940.C14502941
AIR81/1130Sergeant J A Hunter: report of death. Pilot Officer A K Jackson and Sergeant R V Kingshott: missing presumed dead; Blenheim R3694 failed to return from a reconnaissance flight, 17 July 1940. Note: With identity discsC14502942
AIR81/1131Flying Officer D M Taylor: injured; Spitfire P9507 in air operations, 17 July 1940.C14502943
AIR81/1132Pilot Officer E Garrad-Cole, Leading Aircraftman W B Smith and Aircraftman 2nd Class E P Doolin: prisoners of war; Blenheim L1491 force landed in the vicinity of Bir El Gobi, Libya, 15 July 1940.C14502944
AIR81/1133Squadron Leader R G Taylor and Corporal A C Hazlitt: injured. Pilot Officer R P J Osborne, Leading Aircraftman K E Webber and Leading Aircraftman G Niven: report of deaths; Bombay L5815 crashed south of Mersa Matruh, Egypt, 15 July 1940.C14502945
AIR81/1134Pilot Officer B S T Brookes: report of death; Lysander L6870 hit by friendly fire from Hurricanes over Exeter, 17 July 1940.C14503073
AIR81/1135Flying Officer E R Cuff: prisoner of war; injured near Poitiers, France, 20 June 1940.C14503074
AIR81/1136Pilot Officer R Gray, Pilot Officer C M Burfield and Leading Aircraftman R P Channel: injured. Sergeant R Nelson and Corporal E Floyd: report of deaths in an enemy air raid on RAF Montrose, 18 July 1940.C14503075
AIR81/1137Flying Officer J E Mahony and Sergeant D A Keetley: missing presumed dead. Sergeant G E Exton: report of death; Blenheim R3661 believed to have crashed at sea, 18 July 1940.C14503076
AIR81/1138Flying Officer C R D Thomas and Sergeant H D B Elsdon: report of deaths; Blenheim L6779 failed to return from air operations over Le Havre, France, 18 July 1940.C14503077
AIR81/1139Pilot Officer R H Rigby and Sergeant D D MacKinnon: report of deaths; Blenheim L6639 crashed at sea off the French coast, 18 July 1940.C14503078
AIR81/1140Pilot Officer P Litchfield: missing presumed dead; Spitfire P9452 in air operations over the English Channel, 18 July 1940.C14503079
AIR81/1141Pilot Officer W Walker: report of death; Hampden P1324 in air operations, 19 July 1940.C14503080
AIR81/1142Pilot Officer R L Patterson, Sergeant L Reece and Sergeant R Tucker: missing presumed dead; Blenheim N3541 failed to return from air operations, 18 July 1940.C14503081
AIR81/1143Flying Officer F E R Ducker, Sergeant E L Dodd and Sergeant G E Bloor: missing presumed dead; Blenheim P6924 in air operations, 19 July 1940.C14503082
AIR81/1144Pilot Officer W H C Hunkin, Pilot Officer J Barker, Sergeant G Clark, Sergeant H Dickson, Sergeant J J MacGregor and Sergeant A Colley: prisoners of war; Wellington P9227 crashed near Oldenburg, Germany, 19 July 1940. Note: With photographsC14503083
AIR81/1145Acting Flight Lieutenant M J Loudon: injured; Defiant L7801 crashed at Hawkinge Aerodrome, Kent, 19 July 1940.C14503084
AIR81/1146Pilot Officer J R Kemp and Sergeant R Crombie: missing presumed dead; Defiant L6974 believed crashed at sea off Dover, 19 July 1940.C14503085

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