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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/3282Pilot Officer A H Cholmeley: missing believed killed; aircraft crashed at sea, Gladiator K7916, 80 Squadron, 16 September 1940.C16472617
AIR81/3283Pilot Officer R E Jones: injured; enemy action, West Malling, Hurricane L2122, 605 Squadron, 15 September 1940.C16472618
AIR81/3284Pilot Officer J W Hind-Smith: killed; Pilot Officer C T Bell: injured; aircraft accident, Casterley Camp, Harvard N7174, Central Flying School, 13 September 1940.C16472619
AIR81/3285Sergeant R T Llewellyn: injured; shot down, baled out, Hurricane P3473, 213 Squadron, 15 September 1940.C16472620
AIR81/3286Sergeant M E Croskell: injured; shot down, baled out, aerial combat, Edenbridge, Hurricane P3313, 213 Squadron, 15 September 1940.C16472621
AIR81/3287Flying Officer H L Warren: injured; aircraft accident, Kingstown Aerodrome, Magister R1902, 15 Elementary Flying Training School, 14 September 1940.C16472622
AIR81/3288Sergeant M Brzozowski (Polish): missing believed killed; enemy action, Hurricane P3577, 303 Squadron, 15 September 1940.C16472623
AIR81/3289Sergeant J Hubacek (Czech): injured; enemy action, Hurricane R4087, 310 Squadron, 15 September 1940.C16472624
AIR81/3290Squadron Leader A Hess (Czech): uninjured; baled out; enemy action, Hurricane R4085, 310 Squadron, 15 September 1940.C16472625
AIR81/3291Sergeant F Marek (Czech): killed; failed to return from air operations, aircraft crashed near Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, Spitfire R6625, 19 Squadron, 14 September 1940.C16472626
AIR81/3292Flying Officer A P Pease: killed; enemy action, Spitfire X4324, 603 Squadron, 15 September 1940.C16472627
AIR81/3293Pilot Officer C A Connor: uninjured; Sergeant J Hannah: injured; Sergeant D A E Hayhurst, Sergeant G James: baled out, prisoners of war; aircraft successfully returned, Hampden P1355, 83 Squadron, 16 September 1940.C16472628
AIR81/3294Pilot Officer C R Barrett, Sergeant F W Brindley, Sergeant W T Hallam, Sergeant L C V Gray, Sergeant M Britchford: uninjured; Sergeant P N Howard; injured; enemy action, Wellington T2459, 149 Squadron, 16 September 1940.C16472469
AIR81/3295Pilot Officer C D Regan, Sergeant W J Paul, Sergeant G H Cluley: prisoners of war; aircraft ditched at sea off island of Lampedusa, Blenheim T2058, 114 Squadron, 26 September 1940.C16472470
AIR81/3296Pilot Officer A F C Carson, Sergeant N C Manser, Aircraftman T Adams: killed; aircraft accident, RAF Lossiemouth, Blenheim N3564, 21 Squadron, 16 September 1940.C16472471
AIR81/3297Sergeant E A J Keighley: died of injuries; Squadron Leader N W D Marwood-Elton, Pilot Officer S J Jacobi, Sergeant F Webster, Sergeant H W Green, Sergeant A W White, Sergeant E Fenwick, Sergeant A C Shankland: injured; aircraft accident, RAF Lossiemouth,Wellington N2900, 20 Operational Training Unit, 16 September 1940.C16472472
AIR81/3298Pilot Officer M F Llewellyn-Thomas, Sergeant D A F Allmond, Sergeant W Bolton, Sergeant J Thomas: injured; aircraft accident, RAF Wick, Beaufort L9882, 42 Squadron, 18 September 1940.C16472473
AIR81/3299Sergeant W A Winstanley: injured; aircraft accident, Biscathorpe, Hurricane R4185, 151 Squadron, 16 September 1940.C16472474
AIR81/3300Sergeant H A C Roden: injured; enemy action, Havering, Spitfire P943, 19 Squadron, 15 September 1940.C16472475
AIR81/3301Pilot Officer W Lokuciewski (Polish): injured; aerial combat, Hurricane P2903, 303 Squadron, 15 September 1940.C16472476
AIR81/3302Pilot Officer R R Smith: injured; baled out, aerial combat, Hurricane V6616, 229 Squadron, 15 September 1940.C16472477
AIR81/3303Flight Lieutenant T Chlopik (Polish): killed; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane P2954, 302 Squadron, 15 September 1940.C16472478
AIR81/3304Pilot Officer A E A D J G van den Hove d'Ertsenryck (Belgian): killed; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane P2760, 501 Squadron, 15 September 1940.C16472479
AIR81/3305Pilot Officer V T H Frith: injured; Sergeant F E Johnson, Sergeant J S Stewart: uninjured; enemy action, Blenheim T2073, 113 Squadron, 14 September 1940.C16472480
AIR81/3306Pilot Officer G L J Doutrepont: killed; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane N2537, 229 Squadron, 15 September 1940.C16472481
AIR81/3307Pilot Officer H W McGowan: injured; enemy action, Spitfire R6624, 92 Squadron; Sergeant R H Robbins: injured; enemy action, Spitfire X4327, 66 Squadron, 14 September 1940.C16472482
AIR81/3308Sergeant L Rogowski (Polish): injured; enemy action, Hextable, Hurricane V7243, 303 Squadron, 6 September 1940.C16472483
AIR81/3309Squadron Leader C W McKinlay-Thompson: killed; aircraft accident, Dalwhinnie, Magister T9814, 19 Operational Training Unit, 16 September 1940.C16472484
AIR81/3310Pilot Officer B Y Sowter, Sergeant D J Blair, Sergeant G W Brown, Sergeant J D L Cooper: killed; aircraft accident, Kidwelly, Hampden P4311, 14 Operational Training Unit, 17 September 1940.C16472485
AIR81/3311Sergeant T Budden, Captain P J Fulton (2 Lancashire Fusiliers): killed; 2nd Lieutenant R A Jeffries (2 Lancashire Fusiliers): died of injuries; aircraft accident, Salisbury, Blenheim P4830, Special Duty Flight, 17 September 1940.C16472486
AIR81/3312Pilot Officer T J T Stephenson: injured; shot down, aerial combat, Appledore, Kent, Hurricane V6688, 607 Squadron, 15 September 1940.C16472487
AIR81/3313Pilot Officer H C Baker: missing now safe, Spitfire R6610, 41 Squadron, 17 September 1940.C16472488
AIR81/3314Sergeant Pilot D A Helcke: killed; baled out, enemy action, Hurricane P3388, 504 Squadron, 17 September 1940.C16472489
AIR81/3315Pilot Officer W Steele: injured; aircraft accident, RAF Perth, Tiger Moth N6594, 11 Elementary Flying Training School, 17 September 1940.C16472490
AIR81/3316Sergeant E J Egan: missing believed killed; Hurricane P3820, 501 Squadron, shot down, aerial combat, 17 September 1940.C16472491
AIR81/3317Sergeant E A Deverill: injured; Flight Sergeant E E Fitchew, Sergeant D T Jolliffe, Sergeant G Roberts: uninjured; enemy action, Bircham Newton, Hudson N7396, 206 Squadron, 27 August 1940.C16472492
AIR81/3318Pilot Officer J Brotherton-Ratcliffe: injured; aircraft accident, Cranwell Aerodrome, Hind K6843, RAF College, Cranwell, 17 September 1940.C16472493
AIR81/3319Sergeant T V Henderson, Pilot Officer R G Goode, Sergeant J H Angus, Sergeant J Sugden: killed; crashed at Kallo, Belgium, Hampden P2121, 44 Squadron, 17 September 1940. Note: With photographsC16472494
AIR81/3320Sergeant J Lansdell: killed; aerial combat, Isle of Sheppey, Hurricane P3860, 607 Squadron, 17 September 1940.C16472495
AIR81/3321Leading Aircraftman V P F Grenfell: killed; aircraft accident, Somerton, Harvard P5803, 16 Operational Training Unit, 18 September 1940.C16472496
AIR81/3322Sergeant Bell-Walker: injured; enemy action, Spitfire R6704, 72 Squadron, 18 September 1940.C16472497
AIR81/3323Pilot Officer A C Bartley: injured; enemy action, Appledore, Kent, Spitfire N3283, 92 Squadron, 18 September 1940.C16472498
AIR81/3324Pilot Officer T Atherton, Pilot Officer R A MacFarlane, Sergeant C J Harvey, Sergeant J L Feather: killed; aircraft crashed near Cherbourg, France, Beaufort L4508, 22 Squadron, 17 September 1940.C16472499
AIR81/3325Pilot Officer G H E Welford: injured; shot down, aerial combat, Isle of Sheppey, Hurricane V6689, 607 Squadron, 17 September 1940.C16472500
AIR81/3326Pilot Officer P Howes: killed; enemy action, Ashford, Kent, Spitfire X4323, 603 Squadron, 18 September 1940.C16472501
AIR81/3327Pilot Officer G E Walker, Flight Sergeant H L S Price: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Gura, Eritrea, Wellesley L2664, 223 Squadron, 18 September 1940.C16472502
AIR81/3328Sergeant J C H Roe: killed; aircraft accident, Dodleston, Master N7936, 5 Service Flying Training School, 18 September 1940.C16472503
AIR81/3329Pilot Officer E S Roberts: killed; aircraft accident, Maaten Bagush, Egypt, Blenheim T2052, 113 Squadron, 16 September 1940.C16472504
AIR81/3330Aircraftman A J Neal: prisoner of war; unaccounted for during evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from France, 25 June 1940.C16687428
AIR81/3331Pilot Officer R Mottram: injured; enemy action, Spitfire N3193, 92 Squadron, 18 September 1940.C16687429

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