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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/3332Sergeant G W Jefferys: killed; shot down, baled out, Hurricane V7442, 46 Squadron, 18 September 1940.C16687430
AIR81/3333Flight Lieutenant D G Parnell: killed; enemy action, Hurricane V6685, 249 Squadron, 18 September 1940.C16687431
AIR81/3334Sergeant R D Dunscombe: injured; shot down, baled out, enemy combat, Hurricane V7228, 213 Squadron, 17 September 1940.C16687432
AIR81/3335Sergeant C A L Hurry: injured; enemy action, Hurricane P3816, 46 Squadron, 18 September 1940.C16687433
AIR81/3336Pilot Officer M C A Linden, Sergeant M E Wood, Sergeant H E Smart, Sergeant T Watson, Sergeant D T Heard, Sergeant V W Beverley: missing believed killed; during air operations over Germany, Wellington P9242, 99 Squadron, 18 September 1940.C16687434
AIR81/3337Pilot Officer G R M Ford, Sergeant W R Pope: killed; Pilot Officer J S Pay, Pilot Officer D R Tuppen, Pilot Officer D S Cox, Sergeant H Harrison: missing believed killed; lost at sea, Wellington R3160, 149 Squadron, 18 September 1940.C16687435
AIR81/3338Sergeant C Bowles, Sergeant V Radford, Sergeant A Lackenby: missing believed killed; failed to return from operational flight to Ostend, Blenheim L9339Y, 105 Squadron, 19 September 1940,.C16687436
AIR81/3339Pilot Officer E T Watkin, Sergeant C Kenmure, Sergeant J Fraser, Sergeant S B Keats: missing believed killed; failed to return from operational flight, Hampden P1259, 106 Squadron, 18 September 1940.C16687437
AIR81/3340Pilot Officer P E Eldridge, Sub Lieutenant P O Williams (Royal Navy), Sergeant N C Cowley, Sergeant F Crawford, Sergeant R C Dawson: killed; shot down and crashed over Holland, Whitley N1425, 77 Squadron, 18 September 1940.C16687438
AIR81/3341Sergeant T D W Ross, Pilot Officer C Preston, Sergeant W Kilgour: missing believed killed; during air operations over Calais, France, Blenheim T1852, 107 Squadron, 19 September 1940.C16687439
AIR81/3342Leading Aircraftman L R Horie: injured; aircraft accident, Oxford L4619, 2 Service Flying Training School, 19 September 1940.C16687440
AIR81/3343Flight Lieutenant J A Pitcairn Hill, Pilot Officer A P Linsdell, Pilot Officer V A Rendell, Sergeant C G McCarthy: missing believed killed; Hampden P1183, 82 Squadron, 18 September 1940.C16687441
AIR81/3344Pilot Officer R P Brayne, Pilot Officer W M Douglas, Sergeant J A Raper, Sergeant J Baguley, Sergeant D V Hughes: missing believed killed; failed to return from operational flight over Holland, Whitley P4992, 77 Squadron, 18 September 1940. With photographs.C16687442
AIR81/3345Squadron Leader H A V Hogan: injured; baled out, aerial combat, Hurricane V6620, 501 Squadron, 18 September 1940.C16687443
AIR81/3346Sergeant C T Williams: injured; Leading Aircraftman D M Weston: uninjured; aircraft accident, Hart K4975, 7 Service Flying Training School, 19 September 1940.C16687444
AIR81/3347Pilot Officer P M Bushnell, Leading Aircraftman P R Currie: killed; aircraft accident, Magister T9676, 50 Squadron, 19 September 1940.C16687445
AIR81/3348Pilot Officer E Ford, Sergeant C F Marshall, Sergeant R E Salisbury, Sergeant D W Austen, Sergeant A A E Crossland: killed; enemy action, Whitley P5008, 18 September 1940.C16687446
AIR81/3349Pilot Officer E O Richards, Pilot Officer C Stokes, Sergeant L A Scott, Sergeant R R A Sobourne, Sergeant R H Alington, Sergeant E K Stevens, Sergeant A R Tipply, Sergeant C W Chalmers: injured; aircraft accident, Wellington L4322, 15 Operational Training Unit, 18 September 1940.C16687447
AIR81/3350Sergeant Pilot C V Meeson: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane L1595, 56 Squadron, 20 September 1940.C16687448
AIR81/3351Pilot Officer H P Hill: killed; enemy action, Spitfire X4417, 92 Squadron, 20 September 1940.C16687449
AIR81/3352Sergeant P R Eyles: missing believed killed; aerial combat, Spitfire N3248, 92 Squadron, 20 September 1940.C16687450
AIR81/3353Pilot Officer D F Holland: died from injuries, shot down baled out, enemy combat, Spitfire X4410, 72 Squadron, 20 September 1940.C16687451
AIR81/3354Pilot Officer R A Ullman: injured; Sergeant O L Lewis, Sergeant A G Salmon: uninjured; enemy action, Blenheim R3890, 59 Squadron, 17 September 1940.C16687452
AIR81/3355Pilot Officer T N C Burrough, Sergeant A T Griffiths: injured; aircraft accident, Hereford L6072, 16 Operational Training Unit, 20 September 1940.C16687453
AIR81/3356Pilot Officer H L Whitbread: killed; shot down, aerial combat, Spitfire N3203, 222 Squadron, 20 September 1940.C16687454
AIR81/3357Pilot Officer A R H Barton: injured; enemy action, Hurricane R2682, 253 Squadron, 20 September 1940.C16687455
AIR81/3358Pilot Officer W R Assheton: injured; enemy action, Spitfire K9993, 222 Squadron, 20 September 1940.C16687456
AIR81/3359Sergeant F S Jenkinson, Leading Aircraftman D Morrison: killed; aircraft accident, Anson N5318, 12 Service Flying Training School, 20 September 1940.C16687457
AIR81/3360Pilot Officer H R Stothard, Pilot Officer P G V Jarvis, Pilot Officer D L Parker, Sergeant A C Dandridge, Sergeant A L Cameron, Sergeant G A Gratton: killed; aircraft accident, Wellington N2883, 20 Operational Training Unit, 19 September 1940.C16687458
AIR81/3361Pilot Officer C F Tibbitts, Sergeant E Harrold, Sergeant R W Grace: missing believed killed; enemy action, Blenheim T2045, 53 Squadron, 19 September 1940.C16687459
AIR81/3362Sergeant J Mann: injured; aerial combat, force landing, Spitfire X4051, 92 Squadron, 14 September 1940.C16687460
AIR81/3363Leading Aircraftman R B High: killed; mid air collision between Anson 9821 and Oxford P9039, 2 Service Flying Training School, 20 September 1940.C16687461
AIR81/3364Leading Aircraftman T H Sturgis, Leading Aircraftman M A R Sutherland: killed; aircraft accident, Anson N9821, 6 Service Flying Training School, 20 September 1940.C16687462
AIR81/3365Pilot Sergeant J Jones, Sergeant F W Curtis, Aircraftman G Jones: injured; aircraft accident, Blenheim L4906, 25 Squadron, 21 September 1940.C16687463
AIR81/3366Sergeant L Lawton: injured; Pilot Officer H W E Lane, Sergeant E Dunton, Sergeant K Woodhouse, Sergeant A Richards: uninjured; crash landed, enemy action, Wellington L7854, 38 Squadron, 21 September 1940.C16687464
AIR81/3367Pilot Officer M R Braun, Sergeant A J Green, Sergeant J E McCormick, Sergeant L A White, Sergeant N McDonald, Sergeant L D Anderson: killed; shot down and crashed in Belgium, Wellington T2463, 75 Squadron, 20 September 1940.C16687465
AIR81/3368Pilot Officer A R T Cox, Sergeant V W Sims: killed; aircraft accident, Lysander R9077, 4 Squadron, 21 September 1940.C16687466
AIR81/3369Pilot Officer K V Palmer, Sergeant E E Wright, Sergeant D A Walters: killed; shot down and crashed at Le Vast, France, Blenheim R3635, 59 Squadron, 20 September 1940. With photographs.C16687467
AIR81/3370Flying Officer J Topolnicki (Polish): killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane L1894, 601 Squadron, 21 September 1940.C16687468
AIR81/3371Pilot Officer E J Watson: injured; aerial combat, Hurricane N2589, 605 Squadron, 16 September 1940.C16687469
AIR81/3372Aircraftman N G Nugent: injured; enemy action at 5(AT) Wing, RAF Halton, 23 September 1940.C16687470
AIR81/3373Sergeant M McDonald: injured; aircraft accident, Anson N5271, 612 Squadron, 22 September 1940.C16687471
AIR81/3374Leading Aircraftman P Chapman: killed; aircraft accident; Oxford L9693, RAF College Cranwell Flying Training School, 21 September 1940.C16687472
AIR81/3375Leading Aircraftman E Lewin: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth N6645, 1 Elementary Flying Training School, 21 September 1940.C16687473
AIR81/3376Leading Aircraftman W W Muir: killed; aircraft accident, Hart K5883, 9 Service Flying Training School, 22 September 1940.C16687474
AIR81/3377Sergeant K B Files, Sergeant A H Norman, Sergeant J Fairgrieve, Sergeant F Purcell: uninjured, force landing, Hudson P5159, 224 Squadron, 22 September 1940.C16687475
AIR81/3378Sergeant H H Wilson, Pilot Officer A D Coplestone, Sergeant J November: killed; aircraft accident, Blenheim L8610, 17 Operational Training Unit, 22 September 1940.C16687476
AIR81/3379Squadron Leader G B Keily, Pilot Officer J S Cleaver, Sergeant J Jobson: missing believed killed; shot down, baled out, Blenheim T2048, 113 Squadron, 18 September 1940.C16687477
AIR81/3380Flight Lieutenant N G Birks, Sergeant J P Gillespie: prisoners of war; Sergeant J L Cheyne: died of wounds; shot down, aerial combat, Blenheim T2060, 14 Squadron, 21 September 1940.C16687478
AIR81/3381Corporal R Brodley: killed; enemy action at Station Headquarters RAF Halton, 23 September 1940.C16687479

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