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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/3482Sergeant G MacIntosh: injured; force landed, enemy action, Blenheim L8532, 211 Squadron, 4 August 1940.C16687580
AIR81/3483Aircraftman Seymour, Leading Aircraftman Whatley, Sergeant Gifford: injured; enemy action, 600 Squadron, RAF Manston, 12 August 1940.C16687581
AIR81/3484Aircraftman R Kingham, Leading Aircraftman J Snowden, Aircraftman V Arnold, Aircraftman D R Kirby: injured, enemy action, Station Headquarters RAF Kenley, 18 August 1940.C16687582
AIR81/3485Aircraftman R Boffey, Aircraftman W Whittaker: injured; enemy action, No 3 MT Company, Addington, 16 August 1940.C16687583
AIR81/3486Pilot Officer W B Pattullo: injured; aerial combat, Hurricane V6785, 46 Squadron, 27 September 1940.C16687584
AIR81/3487Sergeant R N Gretton: injured; circumstances not recorded, Spitfire R6720, 222 Squadron, 27 September 1940.C16687585
AIR81/3488Pilot Officer P G Dexter: missing found safe; aerial combat, Spitfire X4250, 603 Squadron, 27 September 1940.C16687586
AIR81/3489Flight Lieutenant J M Strickland: injured; force landed, enemy action, Hurricane P3979, 213 Squadron, 27 September 1940.C16687587
AIR81/3490Flight Lieutenant H K MacDonald: killed; shot down, baled out, Spitfire L1076, 603 Squadron, 28 September 1940.C16687588
AIR81/3491Pilot Officer J Rea, Sergeant J R Hall, Sergeant H Sambrook: killed; Sergeant A Peck, Sergeant C F T Williams, Sergeant K S Thompson: prisoners of war; aircraft crashed Namur, Belgium, Wellington L7843, 214 Squadron, 28 September 1940. With identity disc.C16687589
AIR81/3492Pilot Officer A B Goldie, Sergeant R L Dean, Sergeant F Conner: prisoners of war; force landed, enemy action, Blenheim T2176, 57 Squadron, 27 September 1940.C16687590
AIR81/3493Pilot Officer D D Snooke: killed; Pilot Officer E C Brighouse, Pilot Officer C L Turner, Sergeant K McKenzie: injured; enemy action, Hampden P4392, 83 Squadron, 28 September 1940.C16687591
AIR81/3494Flying Officer M G Homer: killed; aerial combat, Hurricane P2967, 242 Squadron, 27 September 1940.C16687592
AIR81/3495Leading Aircraftman R W Cross: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth DH82, 7 Elementary Flying Training School, 27 September 1940.C16687593
AIR81/3496Pilot Officer F C Harrold: killed; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane P3417, 501 Squadron, 28 September 1940.C16687594
AIR81/3497Sergeant K S Wright: injured; enemy action, Spitfire N3170, 66 Squadron, 28 September 1940.C16687595
AIR81/3498Pilot Officer H H Chalder: injured; shot down and baled out, aerial combat, Spitfire X4409, 41 Squadron, 28 September 1940.C16687596
AIR81/3499Pilot Officer R Rogers: injured; enemy action, Hurricane V7479, 501 Squadron, 28 September 1940.C16687597
AIR81/3500Sergeant R Little: missing believed killed; enemy action, Hurricane P3836, 238 Squadron, 28 September 1940.C16687598
AIR81/3501Sergeant S E Bann: killed; enemy action, Hurricane V6776, 238 Squadron, 28 September 1940.C16687599
AIR81/3502Flight Lieutenant R F Rimmer: killed; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane V6782, 229 Squadron, 27 September 1940.C16687600
AIR81/3503Squadron Leader Laszkiewiez (Polish): injured; aircraft accident, Master N8010, 308 Squadron, 28 September 1940.C16687601
AIR81/3504Pilot Officer E Burgoyne: killed; shot down, aerial combat, Spitfire X4352, 19 Squadron, 27 September 1940.C16687602
AIR81/3505Flying Officer J G Boyle: killed; shot down, aerial combat, Spitfire X4426, 41 Squadron, 28 September 1940.C16687603
AIR81/3506Pilot Officer D S Harrison: killed; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane N2400, 238 Squadron, 28 September 1940.C16687604
AIR81/3507Pilot Officer D S Smith: died of wounds; shot down, aerial combat, Spitfire X4328, 616 Squadron, 27 September 1940.C16687605
AIR81/3508Pilot Officer A G Lewis: injured; baled out, aerial combat, Hurricane V6617, 249 Squadron, 28 September 1940.C16687606
AIR81/3509Sergeant J Kurka (Czech): killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane L1986, 6 Operational Training Unit, 30 September 1940.C16687607
AIR81/3510Flight Lieutenant W E Gore: missing believed killed; presumed shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane P3108, 607 Squadron, 28 September 1940.C16687608
AIR81/3511Sergeant E Scott: missing believed killed; presumed shot down, aerial combat, Spitfire P9364, 222 Squadron, 27 September 1940.C16687609
AIR81/3512Flight Lieutenant A H C Cox, Pilot Officer M I Nichols: killed; Pilot Officer C M Gamon, Sergeant H G Beckman, Sergeant A MacPherson, Sergeant A Holmes: injured; aircraft crashed on approach, Wellington T2472, 9 Squadron, 29 September 1940.C16687610
AIR81/3513Pilot Officer A B Watkinson: injured; enemy action, Spitfire X4322, 66 Squadron, 28 September 1940.C16687611
AIR81/3514Pilot Officer A R Watson: injured; enemy action, Spitfire X4247, 152 Squadron, 23 September 1940.C16687612
AIR81/3515Flying Officer M M Irving: missing believed killed; presumed shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane P4189, 607 Squadron, 28 September 1940.C16687613
AIR81/3516Sergeant W T Hallam: killed; Pilot Officer A R Bjelke-Peterson, Sergeant K Holden, Sergeant A Botten, Sergeant A R Witton, Sergeant C M Laird: prisoners of war; failed to return from air operations over Germany, Wellington R3164, 149 Squadron, 28 September 1940.C16687614
AIR81/3517Sergeant C W Oliver: prisoner of war; Sergeant K B Gladwin, Sergeant L W Hardy, Sergeant E J Milsom, Sergeant S G Brooker, Sergeant J Woods: killed; Wellington T2505, 9 Squadron, shot down, enemy action, 29 September 1940.C16687615
AIR81/3518Sergeant E V Darling: injured; aerial combat, Spitfire P9512, 41 Squadron, 27 September 1940.C16687616
AIR81/3519Flying Officer J R Bendell, Sergeant C K Woolnough, Sergeant C Masson, Sergeant J McNaughton: killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over West Coast France, Beaufort N1149, 42 Squadron, 28 September 1940. With photograph.C16687617
AIR81/3520Pilot Officer L B Emeno, Sergeant J W C Heath, Sergeant P S Brown, Sergeant J N McDonald: missing believed killed; failed to return from air operations off the coast of Norway, Hudson P5129, 259 Squadron, 28 September 1940.C16687618
AIR81/3521Aircraftman G C F Lusty, Aircraftman S J Lockwood: injured; enemy action at RAF Billet, Cyphers Club, Beckenham, 28 September 1940.C16687619
AIR81/3522Flight Lieutenant T P S Bradley, Pilot Officer J W Murray, Sergeant R Jackson, Sergeant A A Griffin, Sergeant A C Nicholson, Sergeant E Roberts, Aircraftman J F Wood: injured; aircraft accident, Stirling N3640, 7 Squadron, 29 September 1940.C16687620
AIR81/3523Pilot Officer J McGibbon: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane V7312, 615 Squadron, 29 September 1940.C16687621
AIR81/3524Sergeant P H Willocks: injured; enemy action, Spitfire N3035, 66 Squadron, 29 September 1940.C16687622
AIR81/3525Pilot Officer M Rook: injured; shot down by anti aircraft fire, Hurricane L1913, 504 Squadron, 30 September 1940.C16687623
AIR81/3526Flying Officer G C B Peters: killed; enemy action, Hurricane P2719, 79 Squadron, 29 September 1940.C16687624
AIR81/3527Pilot Officer G H Nelson-Edwards: missing found safe; enemy action, Hurricane P5177, 79 Squadron, 29 September 1940.C16687625
AIR81/3528Leading Aircraftman M J Pumphrey: killed; aircraft accident, Oxford P9021, 3 Flying Training School, 29 September 1940.C16687626
AIR81/3529Pilot Officer R C Graves: injured; enemy action, Hurricane V6621, 253 Squadron, 29 September 1940.C16687627
AIR81/3530Sergeant R C Cox, Sergeant A J Gibbs, Sergeant H Postgate, Sergeant S Swann, Sergeant J O'Connor: killed; crashed on take off for operational flight, Hudson T9326, 224 Squadron, 30 September 1940.C16687628
AIR81/3531Sergeant J C Hurst: killed; aircraft accident, Master N7771, 8 Service Flying Training School, 29 September 1940.C16687629

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